Thursday, January 21, 2010

Introducing Brizel Silk Tapestry Hearts

Introducing a new product line:
Brizel Handcrafts' Silk Tapestry Hearts...

In the beginning... Brizel Silk Tapestry Hearts were originally conceived by the making of one very special heart plush...

This product line was born and is dedicated to my loving father in thanks for all that he has done and continues to do for me.

Fall in love with a Brizel Silk Tapestry Heart...

... made of pure raw silk sari yarns and embellished with buttons...

... and a special love message

A lovely plush gift for that sweetheart in your life !

Brizel Silk Tapestry Hearts are handcrafted & individually unique plushes made with silk sari yarns and/or banana silk yarns.

Inspired originally by ancient rug bags, Brizel Silk Tapestry is a technique that was developed to create woven rug-like thickness. Since I work in spiral formation, I adapted upon crochet...

... each thick silk yarn loop must be pulled tightly before the next one can be made... making the creation of a Brizel Silk Tapestry piece both a conscientious & effortful act.

A Brizel Silk Tapestry Heart typically takes between 3 to 4 hrs to complete.

The silk yarn that is used to create Brizel’s Silk Tapestry Hearts is made from reclaimed silk threads and loom warps... left overs from a silk garment factory which are reclaimed and hand spun into this gorgeous yarn by Nepalese and Himalayan craftswomen.

Some of the hearts also have some banana silk- a silk like yarn made from banana fibers - yet another lovely eco-friendly product !

Brizel Silk Tapestry Hearts are doubled sided heart shaped plushes...

...designed on each side with different complimentary colorful yarn motifs...

... they are embellished with themed buttons, often hearts or flowers...

... sometimes with romantic portraits of men or women.

One side features a ribbon with a special love message...

... some have colorful blank ribbons on which a unique custom message could be written on.

The inside of the plushes have been filled with polartec fabric and when held between the hands or against the heart... this gorgeous Silk Tapestry Heart will warm to the touch.

Brizel Silk Tapestry Hearts have a short faux leather cord nestled at its top in case it wants to be displayed vertically.

Brizel Silk Tapestry Hearts are gift wrapped in colorful tissue paper and placed into a deep wine red organza bag... ready to be unwrapped and appreciated by that special person in your life :)

Message ribbon variations available:

A Heart full of Thanks
Be Mine
Because I Love You
Faith Hope (in red or black ink)
Happily Ever After
Hope Love (in red or black ink)
Hugs and Kisses
I Love You
Je T’aime
Love Love Love
Love You
With All My Love
You’ve Captured My Heart

Blue grosgrain ribbon to write your own custom message
Pink grosgrain ribbon to write your own custom message

A special THANK YOU to my good Etsy friends: thefaeriecupboard, Cerublu and lkfarnsworth for their encouragement to nurture the original silk heart plush into the creation of a product line !

Click HERE and HERE to visit the Brizel Handcraft store to see what Silk Tapestry Hearts are available for purchase :)

©2008 Nicole Planchon / Brizel Handcrafts
ALL rights reserved


  1. Just beautiful, and suited for so many different special occasions. Or even as a gift for oneself - to remind a person to love themselves too. Sometimes we women have an especially hard time remembering to do that :>) But what I like best is the part about your father being the one who inspired you to create the first heart, because he is so loving. He must be quite a guy!

  2. very beautiful Nicole! love their textures and ofcourse the meaning in them!

  3. these are wonderful delights & i loved reading about them. please stop by & pick up an award if you'd like...


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