Friday, July 17, 2009

Update from the Spiral Garden @ Twilight

We've been having a relatively cool summer up here at Twilight.... it's been staying close to the 100F mark (as opposed to averaging in the 115F) and I have been loving the early evenings when the temperature goes below 90F at 8pm. lol.

The star thistle still waits to be weed whacked and i just havent had the energy to whack the 6 acre compound a second time around. Its not ideal but there it is :)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking a day off and pulling out from storage eight windchimes that needed to be repaired. In my excitement, I pulled out tools, hardware, & crafting materials and by the end of the day had most of them back in the 'Dreaming Tree'.

The Bee chime above was created from scratch and hangs at the entry of the Spiral Garden... its bee-licious !

Here's a longview of the 14+ Butterfly bushes in full bloom... These were planted outside the edge of the spiral garden... This year I pruned them back during the month of January and the blooms sure have been lovely. What a beautiful array of dark purples, pinks, lilacs and even some whites !

Also known by its botanical name, Buddleias, are a wonderful plant host for caterpillars that aspire to be butterflies when they grow up :)

Here's the Chaste tree a growin' and a bloomin'. Such wondrous purple flowers... conical and bursting from the bottom first. The leaves are also quite unique and lovely as well. Chaste, also known as vitex, produces seed like berries that are used in women's medicinals.

I still have some roses blooming and it remains a special pleasure to walk the Spiral Garden in the mornings at watering time.

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