Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goldenhr @ Twilight and feline love

Goldenhr, that twilight time when the setting sun hits the easterly hillside at Twilight and the colors slowly turn from subtle golds into intense golden strawberry... that time when my family gathers round and sits quietly to watch the trees, with their blueish shade, shimmer in that golden delight... peace & serenity usually fills my heart and I know that I am in the right place at the right time !

Here is a rare photograph of Zippy Zip and Mawr sitting together !

Zippy Zip is a little wild thing, kinda like Max, independent and yet... willing to relinquish his wildness to come in for cuddles. He was abandoned on the ranch... and it was Moonstone who decided that he should come live with us. Although the NO VACANCY sign was clearly on that fateful night, some 6 yrs ago, I told him that if he showed up for breakfast I would feed him. Funnily enough he did a no show but three days later he came back to move in.

Moonstone and Zippy Zip became the best of friends- like litter mates...

and when Moonstone was lost some two years ago, I wasn't sure if Zippy Zip would stay on... but I am so pleased that he decided too... He is such a lovebug when he wants to be !

I miss Moonstone... He was a heart throb !

and he waited so patiently for me to adopt him...

Found trapped in a swamp cooler and taken to the clinic for care, the vet had dubbed him 'Swampee'. I met him there in the process of his recovery... when Merlin & Nimue were teensy puppies and still living at the vet. We gazed at each other & fell in love... but I resisted to make the commitment. A couple of weeks later, after Tammy had passed on and I had settled in the rambunctious puppies, I went back for him. In that time he had been adopted out but weirdly enough had been rejected by his new owners.

It was all meant to be and I am so very glad to have met & loved him !


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