Friday, July 3, 2009

Last week's show: Kelseyville's Homemakers Wine

Kelseyville celebrated its Homemaker's Wine and Beer Festival last Saturday... It was roasting hot at 105F and it was no picnic doing a show on asphalt with those temperatures.

I decided to do a one wall set up... so that the air & breeze could flow in & out... six bamboo panels at the back with a return of two panels on each side to protect the table's depth.

The bamboo walls make super wind & sun barriers and they are also perfect to hang the Brizel Silk Tapestry Hip Pouches from. I put together a couple of tables and used some beautiful basket weave motif fabric... The red really offsets the black velvet jewelry displays.

Nothing much exciting to report about this event. As per usual, I met some wonderful people- local and otherwise- the highlight was chatting with Dorothy, an elder woman from Middletown, who had bought 250 acres with her husband some years ago and raised her family there. We talked about crocheting, gardening, pioneering, and finding 'true love'. It was an honor and a pleasure !

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