Saturday, July 11, 2009

Magic fills the air @Twilight

Magic filled the air at Twilight throughout the week.... Its that special time here when the dragonflies in the early hours of the morning come to hover above the gardens and trees.

Years ago, as I was in escrow on the purchase of this wondrous land, and when I was in the process of perking the soil... the county man who came to do the inspection work also happened to be a trained entymologist. He looked at the lay of the land and commented that this was a natural place for the winged creatures to come and mate.

In Celtic lores, it is said that where there be dragonflies, the doors to the faerie realm are sure to be nearby & wide open. What a special blessing !

When i set out to water the spiral garden a few mornings ago... a garden created on top of a fairy mound... dragonflies began to hover above me... i beckoned to them and they came closer. What an incredible site to behold as they majestically zipped on by ! My heart burst in wonderment and gratitude... and i knew this day would be fortuitous :)

That full moon day I set out to town and in my mailbox was an order i had placed with my Czech glass button supplier... Guess what was in the package ?

I was so delighted... This dragonfly button is now available for purchase through

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