Thursday, July 9, 2009 opens its doors

Since Brizel Supplies has been doing well and listings have been averaging around 300, it became clear to me that adding anything else but buttons or sashes would get lost amidst those colorful offerings.

Brizel 4 The Animals was a sudden inspiration fueled by full moon energy and the answer to the question that i had been posing the Universe: how could i raise some money to help my animal pack with their needs and challenges ?

So- I am up & running and listing like a maniac to get the store filled with offerings... will be selling beads, charms, buckles, fabric, destash items, vintage jewelry, other vintage things, estate items, interesting books and other quality goodies !

All listings are currently focused on fundraising for Nimue...

Nimue (welsh for Spring Maiden) is now 6yrs old. She is a beautiful white golden looking Lab. Her mom who was a German Shepherd, rejected the entire litter. Nimue was the first born and narrowly escaped being eaten by her mom... only 5 of the puppies survived and they were brought to the vet for care. I first met Nimue ('Nim-way') when she was a few weeks old and put in a request to adopt her and one of her brothers, Merlin. It was touch and go for a time, as an adoption home in Marin County wanted to take the entire litter in. When the puppies turned 3 months old - I celebrated Spring Equinox by bringing them home !

Nimue currently is suffering from Gingivitis and is in high need of getting her teeth cleaned. With the help of buyers... money raised from the sales will be put aside to make that happen much sooner.

The store made its first sale at the end of the first day- a wonderful positive affirmation and message of hope !

Please come and visit us soon :)

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