Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wildfire Burns near Twilight...

Two wildfires started on
Sunday August 12th: 

Here are a few photos of 
Wye Fire having swept
through wilderness, Hwy 20 
near Spring Valley area.

Currently burning a total of 
7000 acres combined
Double Eagle Ranch is sandwiched 
between the two of them...

Fortunately this time
we did not have to evacuate.
Wye Fire is no longer a threat to us...

Walker Fire is still burning but
its heading in the opposite direction

These photos do not do 
the devastation justice...
The areas are off limits 
since the fires are not yet contained.
Thru traffic is still being escorted 
by law enforcement.

My prayers go out to the land, 
to the trees & to the animals
that were killed or injured.
No humans were lost but 
one home has been destroyed.



  1. So glad to hear your home and family has been spared, Nicole. I echo your concerns for the land, animals, trees and vegetation harmed and send wishes for complete healing...

  2. Geeze...that looks so sad - poor plants :( Let's hope the wildlife all got away! Really happy you are ok!!!!

  3. Glad to hear you are all safe up there.

  4. Just found your post... So glad Twilght is safe. The recently harvested crop of apples must be especially appreciated and sweet. Heartfelt wishes for a healthy Spring revival in the area.


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