Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quince Yummies for Peter Pan...

Quince Yummies
for Peter Pan
- the Rat Prince -

Once Upon a Time...

"Peter Pan looked a little sad 
I don't know why 
but it was for at least
a couple of days

Now he's all perky and playful,
 maybe he knew these were coming...

Peter Pan is in loveeeeeee 
with his new sticks! 

 He went crazy chewing one.

I was playing with him 
and if I would take it away 
he would grab it as hard as he could 
so I couldn't get it. 

He even ran and hid 
with it under the blanket.

It's sooo adorable !

 It is cute to see him play cos 
I've tried a lot of different things, 
and he's hated them all. 

We can't thank you enough.
 We will definitely be back 
for more once these are gone !
Julian and Peter Pan

The End

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  1. Really enjoyed this post and the photos of Peter Pan - he does look like he's loving those quince chews as much as we enjoy a piece of chocolate!


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