Friday, August 24, 2012

Just for the Record...

Eat cake for breakfast ? 
for lunch ? for dinner ?

This fruit torte may or may not
have 48 blueberries on it.
We'll never know... 
but i think its better 
than 48 candles, don't you ?

Someone once said to me that being in one's 40's was a cinch over being stuck in one's 30's... I looked forward to it and bought into this theory. At this point tho... I think I'm looking forward to hitting my 50's. Mind as well go for broke. 
ha ha ha !

This... my friends
is me in 1965, Paris

dug up from the vaults &
sent to me today by my sister.

Thanks !
I obviously needed a reminder 
that i'm STILL wearing hats
(and a white one at that)

Happy birthday to me


  1. Delicious tart, cute baby and cool vintage French stroller - what more could one ask for? And I see there were two extra hats on top which is very appropriate since to this day you are known for wearing many hats ~ lol ~ Hope you had a magical day and I sure am glad you were born! Lots of Love, Lisa

  2. ha ha ha... the cute baby is now vintage too !
    Thanks for your good wishes... i love you too :)

  3. What a delish torte!!

    Cute baby!!;)

    So glad you were born too!!!
    Many hugs and blessings!


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