Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1 - Brigid - Imbolc !

February is here !
Imbolc is here !
Happy St. Brigid's Day !

Apple Wood Brigid Cross
house protection / blessing


St Brigid & the
Hopeful Yellow of February
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"Feel the warmth of the sun ...
pale but ever stronger ...
Brigid turns her wheel and cracks the back of winter !"

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Imbolc Inspiration
curated by GypsyHarte
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"Celtic Goddess Brigid warms with her sacred fire
and cleanses with healing waters;
she is the patron of blacksmiths and poets.
As winter gives way to spring think: what inspires you?"

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May the blessings of Brigit be upon you...
May she bring Inspiration !
May She bring Protection !
May She bring Healing !
May She bring Abundance !
All Hail to Brigid, Queen of Heaven !


  1. Thank you for including our work in this celebration. Today we are enjoying brilliant sunshine on snow. Blessings!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate Imbolc...
    stay cozy everyone!

  3. What beautiful celebratory treasuries! I have been thinking of you... February is our month, isn't it? A month to remember, a month to pause and reflect, a month to whisper blessings to our sweet pups that have moved into another space and time. Thanks for your dear words on my blog; they meant so much to me. And I send you peace, sweetness, and a great big HUG across the states between us.


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