Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are you ready for the Big Bunny Party ?

Chinese New Year is around the corner... just about a week away !

It will debut on the first New Moon in February... I've been cleaning up a storm at my house because it is 'traditional' to get all of the old year cleared 'out' before welcoming in a new year. I'm making good progress !

This year, the world will be celebrating in the streets with giant articulated hares... that's right, its gonna be one giant bunny party because 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit... So... are you ready for the big bunny party, yet ?

All is quiet with Twilight's local hare population. January is a time for pruning the apple trees here... I'm also getting ready for Imbolc, the cross quarter sabbat between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox. I love this time of year... and look forward to doing my devotional work with Brigit, including making Brizel's apple wood Brigid Crosses.

Most of the smaller apple wood branches that have buds at their tips get cut to size and put aside to dry for next year's crosses whilst the remaining wood gets pruned for Brizel's Gourmet Gnawer Chew Sticks. Most pet rabbits, chinchillas, & rodents love them and it is truly awesome for these city animals to have fresh organic chews to munch on.

This year, I've created a new listing just for them...

The Blessed Bunny Bundle !

"This Blessed Bunny Bundle is the ticket to please those hares of yours...

21 oz of organic gourmet apple wood chew sticks
03 oz freshly picked rosemary sprigs
x1 plastic bunny (which the human gets to keep)

The apple wood gnawers measure between 7-8" long and their thickness will vary between 1/8" to 7/8" (I hand cut & create an assortment of different sizes for each order !) You can expect some tasty little buds at the tips of some of these chew sticks... an extra way to say 'I love you' to those fur ball friends of yours <3

The fresh rosemary sprigs will also measure approx 7-8" and you may even see some yummy tasting flowers attached to these green twigs since the rosemary bushes bloom at this time of year !

The plastic bunny will arrive in one of these variable colors: orange, pink, purple, yellow, green or blue !"

FURTHER INFORMATiON about the Blessed Bunny Bundle

"The apple wood chew sticks have just been pruned from my very own apple orchard... this is a special grouping of trees, eighteen in total, each one bearing a different variety of apple. This orchard is planted in a huge spiral, with lavender bushes between each, and with a large path that winds between them.

Rosemary loves it here at Twilight, located up in the No. California mountains where the air is oh-so-fresh ! Feel free to feed fresh or dried :)

I raise these trees & plants myself and do not use ANY spray on them, either chemical or organic... so what you get is 100% all natural, unsprayed, untreated raw apple wood and rosemary.

Please store in cool place as you would any fresh vegetable !"


"Please note... I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON GNAWER TREATS- you may want to check with your vet or pet store to make sure your pet breed may like to chew on apple wood sticks... I cannot make any guarantees on whether they will or not... but MANY & MOST species of rabbits, rodents, & chinchillas find them absolutely delicious and irresistible... providing them with hours of entertainment & chewing exercise.

Rosemary is listed and documented to be a safe herb for rabbits & buns alike."


So... the Year of the Rabbit is almost upon us...
have you got your Big Bunny Party organized yet ?
Have you lined up some special treats for the buns' buffet ?

If not,
The Blessed Bunny Bundle can be found HERE &
all Apple Wood Gourmet Chew Sticks are HERE

These are ready to ship out NOW via Priority Mail
to all US destinations except Alaska & Hawaii !
- inventory is limited & seasonal -


  1. Nicole...your photos are always so inviting! If I were a bunny, I'd surely hop on over and eat you out of house and home!

  2. Nicole, those really look delicious - even to me!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful apple orchard; what lucky bunnies!

  4. Your spiral orchard sounds amazing!


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