Saturday, February 5, 2011

Imbolc @Twilight

New altar at well house, Twilight

2011 St Brigid Day / Imbolc

Seasonal wild flowers from Twilight
(manzanita, rosemary, narcissus)

Main altar - right
(brigid cross, Brigit portrait, flowers, cow bell, etc)

Brigid, brown swan

Celtic wheat dolly

40 white cloth prayer ties
(elemental charging at the altar)

Adding to the Cloutees* at the well house
(*celtic style cloth prayer ties)


The many necklaces of Brigit

WATER & AiR Goddess
- Healing work -
(necklace by Rebecca Dresser, KneeDeepOriginals)

FiRE Goddess
- Protection work -
(necklace by Rebecca Dresser, KneeDeepOriginals)

EARTH Goddess
- Prosperity work -
(necklace by Laura Farnsworth, lkfarnsworth)

iNSiGHT Goddess
- Divination work -


"Now I find Her in myself"
Season's Greeting !


  1. Your home looks so warm and inviting. And what gorgeous necklaces. You have done amazing work!!

  2. What a beautiful job you've done and I've so enjoyed seeing it! The necklaces are lovely and so are you. Love, Lisa

  3. Nicole, what a lovely thing to see and slowly take in on this quiet Sunday morning. Your colors, your altar items, the grouping... it is so filled with warmth and spirit. What a wonderful place to meditate and just BE. And you look so lovely in all those necklaces.... one for every need of the soul! Love it, and love you, dear one. Big, big hugs!

  4. I LOVE the Celtic Corn you make them for sale? I would love to purchase some if you do.

    Blessed Be
    Lady Majyk

  5. I absolutely LOVE your work! Speaks to my soul! <3


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