Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wild Nature and Wild Life

The wheel turns and we are about to shift out of the beautiful warm & dry, albeit windy, weather into... cold wet windy with possible snow. Sounds brrrr-ish to me. Spring in the winter, it seems, is coming to an end but what a show it was !

It's february and I have one apricot & one apple tree in full bloom... with the nectarines and quinces inches away from exploding in leaf or blossom. The dogs & I have been walking with a friend & his dog almost every morning to socialize them... now we will need to shift out of this routine & of spending so much time in the 'grand living room of the outdoors'. Up in the wilderness of these no. Cal mountains - nature is paramount.

Speaking of nature... here are two EFA Team Treasuries, created by moi. The first one celebrates wilderness landscapes or animals in their habitat... The second is a collection of products, which if sold this month will benefit EFA's Charity of the Month: Queensland RSPCA's flood relief appeal.

with Team EFA

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"Its called wilderness and wildlife... and its our animals habitat... fresh air, clean water & earth and the cosmos is what sustains them and us... Let's work to keep it that way ! ENJOY some of these beautiful nature landscapes presented by members of Team EFA, Etsy for animals."


Queensland Flood Relief Appeal
Charity of the Month

Click HERE to visit Treasury

"In the recent flood disaster which has affected so much of the state of Queensland, Australia, several animal shelters were damaged and their main shelter in Fairfield, Brisbane, QLD, was completely flooded.

All the animals were placed in foster care, but now the RSPCA has to re-build their shelter. The charity does not receive government funding to recover from the disaster, and depends on kind-hearted people and volunteers." (Nadya of OcelotEyes)

To find out more about Team EFA
& our Charity of the Month program
visit our website HERE



  1. Wow! I stumbled across your blog after googling the Artfire logo! I can't believe I just stumbled across a fellow pagan's website on blogger! I will definitely be following you.

    Beautiful music!

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food



  2. How nature changes, how the seasons come and go within themselves at time, how this happens and we must adjust... it's all a wonder. I love the picture you created for me of you and your friend and the dogs visiting the blossoming fruit trees each day, out on your beautiful land. I will hold that picture in my mind's eye today.


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