Sunday, January 9, 2011

Celebrating Birds

Seems to me like an interesting time of year to celebrate our feathered friends... especially for those who experience colder winters as many of their regional birds hibernate or fly south during this time period.

So... Who would have known that National Bird Day is January 5th ? It was a surprise to me... until it flew right in my face on -the actual day- "Oh my goodness" I explained and promptly ran down to the Etsy house of Treasury and created this flighty collection

Click HERE to visit Treasury !

I'm very pleased with how this Treasury composed itself... Soft hues of white, grey, blue, pink... many of which highlighted by blacks or a smidge of yellow...

Deliriously delighted with all the beautiful artwork displayed in this collection... all of them created by colleagues from my Etsy for Animals team including one of Brizel's Silk Tapestry Boxes...

"... Bold Eagle, a unique handmade decorative Silk Tapestry product, made of banana silk yarns, is perfect for storing a memory keeper !

Bold Eagle is a soft fiber arts basket container featuring vegan banana silk yarn in tones of golden yellows paired up with a variegated sky blue yarn. It has a lid of its own which is embellished with a carved pewter eagle."

Bold Eagle, as well as many other animal theme Silk Tapestry Boxes, can be purchased in my animal fundraising shop. Click HERE to visit my shop on Etsy !

Also amidst the many aviary wonders...
one of my favorites

original painting
by Rebecca Dresser

"In the silvery woods lit with falling snow, you might spot this beautiful little titmouse, keeping an eye out for his next meal. The background is painted with pearlescent white acrylic which gives a beautiful shimmery appearance. The very pale trees are also acrylic, but the titmouse is painted with creamy oils. On the top are small strokes and drips of the pearlescent white to give the look of falling snow."

Rebecca Dresser has long time been a lover of birds... she is, in fact, a queen of tweets... much evidenced in her Etsy shop, KneeDeepOriginals, which is filled with original artwork portraying our feathered friends in oil, watercolor, and scrimshaw engravings....

"Welcome to Knee Deep Studio where nature-inspired, soul-created watercolors and oil paintings come to life. There is and will be only one of each item that you see in my store. Each is handmade to be one-of-a-kind because I believe that each item is special in itself and that we all deserve to own one-of-a-kind items. Please note that all my work is created in a smoke-free environment in the middle of the North Carolina woods."


original watercolor

original oil painting

original oil painting

original scrimshaw engraving


"There are two things I love about art - discovering the soul of my subject as I bring it to a new and different life on canvas, and the element of surprise - you never know what will emerge and what you'll discover.

I have been working as a full-time artist since November of 2007. Prior to that, I worked as a Communication Director in graphic layout and marketing and as a writing instructor at a state university. I am a member of my local Arts Council as well as Associated Artists, a non-profit arts group designed to promote and showcase local talent. I have had solo shows as well as group shows within these organizations and outside of them. My most recent solo show was in October 2010 at the Apple Gallery of the Stokes County Arts Council.

All of my work is influenced by the natural world around my home (mountains, woods, birds and wildlife, gardens of all kinds), whether in color, texture, or materials. Each of my paintings is original and one of a kind. At this time, I do not do prints of my paintings or drawings, though I know some people prefer this because it is less expensive. I have recently added watercolor paintings to my Etsy shop. These are less expensive than oils, particulary the miniature unframed pieces, so there is affordable and original art for all!

I also play guitar, write songs, and sing with a band called The Ramshackles. We play blues, folk, a little country and a little rock and roll. We are a trio of two guitars and one cello. You can check us out on myspace at -- -- and my first CD of original tunes is available here in my Etsy shop.

When I am not creating art or music, or working on my Etsy site and primary website (, I enjoy walking in the woods and around the mountain behind my small house with my two dogs and my husband, a fabulous custom knifemaker ( I often carry my camera with me to capture shots that I may later paint. The smell and sounds of the woods and the mountain... well, there's just nothing like it for me. I'm a nature girl at heart.

I also enjoy gardening, and I love the spring and summer for their wonderful colors of flowers, vegetables, grass, trees, and of course the sunshine and warm rains. There's something special about going out to the garden to pick and gather what you need for your evening meal!

While I am mostly an introvert, I find that being with others can be fulfilling at times. So something else that keeps me busy is volunteer work that I do in my community. I am an adult literacy tutor and have sessions with my student twice a week, and I also go a couple times a month to a local nursing home where I sing with and for the residents as well as just visit and offer an ear and a hand. Volunteering in my small community makes me feel a part of something beyond myself and it brings a sense of wholeness."

I highly recommend visiting
Rebecca's online sites !


  1. What a wonderful collection Nicole! I love what Rebecca said about discovering the soul of her subject. Thanks for a wonderful post :>)

  2. Love the treasury and great post too!

  3. What a wonderful artist and person!
    So nice to learn more about her!

  4. Thanks so much, Nicole, for sharing my work here. Your treasury is so lovely and of course I LOVE the theme! Three cheers for birds on National Bird Day and every day!

  5. Loved everything about this post. Rebecca is amazing. Her art reflects her soul, especially as I now know a little more about her. The treasury is simply beautiful. Nature at it's finest. Thank you for this treat!


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