Monday, June 21, 2010

Floral life continues... Spiral Garden @ Twilight

The land still smells of scorch & burn from our recent wildfire... the winds are blowing but I am too tired to worry about the new power line or fire... Perhaps it is because early this morning, I wrote down all my fears on two sides of a piece of paper and ceremoniously burnt it in the woodstove. It was my symbolic Summer Solstice bonfire...

My morning visit & meditation walk in the spiral garden revealed the beauty of floral life which continues to grace this sacred flower wheel...

.... tall white poppies rising from the burnt ground...

...white rose of sharon...

... lovely pink clusters...

... yellow echinacea & hummingbird sage bush...

... orange & red hot pokers...

... beautiful red tassels...

... violet blue roses...

... hugely sweet pink mallow flowers...

Wishing you a
Happy Summer SOLstice !

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Electrical power restored at Twilight

The electrical transformer & line to the well house
were replaced and power was restored
on Friday June 18th !

The electrical company plans to inspect the original transformer and line for faults or clues... and I am not sure what the outcome of the investigation will be. Its hard for any of us to understand what exactly happened.

In a few days time, one of my ranch neighbours will be helping to strengthen the weather head with wire rope and anchors... I will rest easier when that optional installation is in place.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

THANKS to my night guardian angels !

Several days ago, I made the stunning discovery that areas defined by an outline going from my well house to each of my fur children's graves had been graphically safeguarded from fire behind them. Areas in front of them had burnt very carefully & in a controlled manner so that the fire snaked no closer than the edge of each structure and in between the gardens and orchards. Each outbuilding had a handcrafted and protection spelled Brizel apple wood Brigit Cross.

Once the fire cleared my sentinels (purple dots), then the fire (yellow) widened & with one exception burnt only to the edge of the compound fencing. At first I thought it was a series of miracles having to do with a variety of things: switching wind direction, luck (so to speak), and well mowed & raked areas but as i was photographing the areas, I got a distinct impression that there was more to this than met the eye.

A couple of days after Mule fire struck Twilight, I awoke up one morning with the realization that the boundaries could not be coincidental and I had the visualization of Nimue patrolling the grounds and sounding the alarm... Tammy, Chelsea, Tillie, & Tara rising up from their feline slumbers to render assistance. It felt like a spiritual awakening and in my heart I knew it was true !

Brigit altar in the Well house

Brigit is a Celtic Goddess associated with fire & water
She is a protectress of animals, women & orchards
The Brigit crosses that I make are protective amulets

Tammy of the earth

Tammy found me here at Twilight
She had been abandoned and wandered up to the land
from the highway... looking for love and a new home

Chelsea Roo

Chelsea came to us when we were living in the Canaries
She was part of a pack of homeless animals
that got fed daily by a lady living on our road
She would love to hang out at our property
and decided she liked it so when we moved
back to the USA we brought her with us


Tillie was adopted as a kitten when we lived in London
and was my fur daughter for all 17 years of her life...
She was the first to cross over
and be buried here at Twilight


Tara is Tillie's sister and was with me for 19 years
She slept curled up near my pillow every single night...
She was the last of my feline daughters to cross over

Nimue the white

Nimue is my first canine daughter
She is named after Nimue, the Welsh Spring Goddess.
She crossed over suddenly at the end of last winter...
Nimue is a dedicated protectress
to this land and to our family

One week ago,
this incredible team of allies saved our lives by carefully guiding the flames through & out the main compound where all the structures, orchards & gardens are located. They are the best night guardian angel team I've ever known...

to All My Relations,
My Ancestors and
to Brigit for keeping us safe !

Friday, June 18, 2010

slideshow of wildfire damage at Twilight

Yesterday I hiked up the mountain with my camera to get a better idea of the wildfire damage... including the consequences of fire fighting and bull dozer work. I was so sad to see many burnt oak trees and stumps... and two large pines burnt so badly that they may not recover.

The slideshow below gives an overall view of the fire damage, both inside the compound where the outbuildings, orchards & gardens reside; as well as outside the compound where the natural habitat was/is being preserved... A new fire map will have to be drawn as the fire extended out far more than i had originally thought.

Last night, we finished off the electrical work on the well house and this morning the inspector signed his seal of approval... The electrical company is due out soon and I am told, they will be replacing the entire transformer as well as all the wiring to the well house.

Its going to be quite a job to figure out a realistic financial goal to help restore and recover from wildfire damage here. I hope to get started on a list of damages shortly... in the meantime... I am going to set a $2000 Chip In fundraiser below... for those of you wishing to help sooner rather than later. An accounting will be posted here as soon as I can.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Helping Dingo get well - fundraiser

Dingo, my 17 year old canine daughter, who is a mix breed rescue and has been with me for 6 years + has been struggling with prolonged and chronic diarrhea for well over 3 weeks. There has been an intermittent presence of fresh blood and mucous in her stools and this has been elevating my anxiety level over the last month.

Interestingly enough- Dingo's energy has been good throughout this time period... insisting on coming for walks and even running by Merlin's side looking to chase our local hare population away from the gardens and orchards here at Twilight.

A recent veterinary exam revealed that Dingo's weight, body temperature, heart, and overall physical condition was good to excellent. Some eyesight and tooth degradation were seen and apart from needing to trim her nails, we appeared to be in good shape... A fecal analysis showed NEGATiVE on parasites including protozoa/Giardia.

I have been home caring Dingo with a variety of medicine as well as changing dietary ingredients and supplements. I have up to 13 pages of log entries recording them all (including and much to Dingo's chagrin... her bowel movements). It has been particularly challenging for me to get up throughout the nights... stumbling with a flashlight to ultimately become Ms Snoop Poop Inspector... but considering recent events... I cannot find cause to complain since getting up in the middle of night is what allowed me to see the wildfire at our place & take the necessary steps to get my pack out safely as well as reduce down the fires.

During the first week- I focused my attention on simplifying Dingo's diet by keeping to small portions of cooked oatmeal with a slippery elm syrup & honey appetizer... then working with homeopathic remedies- I began with Arsenicum Album & Chamomille then Mercurius Solubilis and lastly Nux Vomica. A few days into that first week I also began a high premium herbal Echinacea adding herbal Chamomille into her oats as well.

After 10 days into this, we were making good enough progress that i introduced cooked beef into her food but within a couple of days she went from best to worst so... i bit the bullet and put her on a low dosage of antibiotics... once again reducing her food intake to cooked baby oatmeal with occasional honey mixed into it. I added a vegetarian Probiotic capsule into the protocol but all herbal and homeopathic allies were stopped, including papaya enzymes. So at this point- just oats/honey/probiotics/antibiotics.

After 6 days of Metronidazole antibiotics (250 mg x3 daily), I stopped that protocol and began a new herbal / homeopathic therapy called Okoubaka. "Okoubaka spag. drops is derived from the bark of a west african tree which treats acute gastrointestinal tract infections, especially those accompanied by diarrhea... it stimulates the excretion of mycotic toxins and speeds detoxification of the intestines".

Today we begin our 5th day of that therapy- blood & mucous have diminished from her stools but loose stools is still an overriding issue. In my phone conversation with our vet yesterday... it had been suggested to put her on a different type of antibiotics- Sulfasalazine- which specifically helps inflammation in the large intestinal area (where the fresh blood is coming from).

Reading about IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Dis-ease, in a book called "the complete holistic dog book" by Jan Allegretti and Katy Sommers... A rice based, hypoallergenic fresh food diet is being called for and preferably a vegetarian diet since meat is harder to digest. Tofu is being recommended initially and then a vast amount of antioxidants and supplements. Raw spinach & parsley once intestinal health can support that.

Today... I have bought some organic white rice & tofu... and will begin with the rice as soon as it is cooked up, then I will slowly add in some tofu to see how this new base line is welcomed by her digestive system. I will need to make a shopping list of all the recommended supporting ingredients and see what our miniscule health food store can supply. The current plan is to wait a few more days before beginning the 10 day course of antibiotics so that I can note the impact of the diet changes... Then if 10 days antibiotics is not enough to reduce internal inflammation then it is being suggested that we continue with more antibiotics. It is my hope that this will not be necessary and that we can instead turn our attention to Chinese herbs. Time will tell !

Vet bills are currently at $120... I'd like to be able to run a blood chem panel in the not too distant future... and then in the meantime pick up vitamins and supplements for her to integrate those into her food. I'm going to set a $300 fundraising goal without actually knowing all the exact costs. If you are inclined or able to help, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update: wellhouse damage, power outage

A continued thanks to all my friends and family for your sympathies and notes of encouragement.

Deep regrets to my good friend Lisa for spending so much time putting together a wonderful & thoughtful fundraiser to benefit Dingo... with Paypal's direction, I will add... only to find out that since neither of us are a non-profit organization that online raffles with Paypal payments could not be done. That benefit raffle had to be terminated and monies have been reimbursed to everybody. Our sincere apologies to all ! I am going to put together a seperate blog write up on Dingo and create a way for folks to make a monetary gift if they wish to do so. These are difficult times for us financially, especially since I have not been able to work online to make a living this week.

Update: wellhouse damage, power outage

The electrical inspection did not get its final approval this morning as I did not realize that I was expected to connect the riser wires from the electrical main box up through the weatherhead so... i had to run to town to buy some wire and will now have to wait until Friday morning for the inspector to return. Everything else looked good to him.

In the meantime, the electrical company sent their Senior Claims Investigator out to my place today... His card says he is part of their Law / Claims division... He simply could not understand how the wind could have ripped the entire service from the wall. So... we have more than one mystery going on here... as it appears that the transformer across the road which services my Main is faulty and needs to be replaced. hum...

So... our new tentative date for power restoration is this upcoming Friday... the electrical company has us on their schedule. Once power is restored then I will have to double check all the internal wiring into the well house to be sure that all the outlets are functioning properly.

Thanks for your good wishes !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wildfire at Twilight: Sat June 12th

At precisely 3.30 am... in the final phase of the dark moon... heavy winds tore through the main electrical connection to the Twilight... ripping off the mounted pole, the electrical main box, and the siding to the well house.

The electrical line hit the ground and a wildfire began to simmer on the western end of the property.

It travelled away from the well house, where the Brigit altar and prayer ties reside...

... heading southbound through manzanita and brush into a clearing......

then headed eastbound avoiding a large brush area but going towards the geodesic dome...

Once again the winds guided the wildfire southbound... avoiding the dome...

and moving towards the side of the spiral garden...

Flames simmered through the previously weed whacked area and shifted direction eastbound past the shed & my van parked on the other side... skirting the Pawlonias and then burning between the rastra blocks & apple winter spiral...

At that point... the fire widened burning towards the figs...

... and through the olive trees...

and then moving up towards the rear end of the compound fencing... At that point and in one single hot spot, the fire began its ascent up the mountain.

At that moment, I gave up my firefighting efforts and ran towards my van to get off property ... to open the gates and make way for the fire trucks.

The fire had already cleared through the main compound... avoiding every single structure and almost all the orchards and spiral gardens !!!

I was asked to stay off property until the fire was "contained" at which point I returned to take these photos.

The fire was named Mule fire and all 4 fire districts in Lake County, plus Wilbur & Brooks from Colusa County came to render aid. I think about a dozen fire engines, two water tenders, one helicopter, one dozer and I believe there were approx 3 hotshot inmate crews.

Then there were all the supporting, administrative, security and team leaders present as well. Perhaps close to 125+ individuals all working hard to contain and control this wildfire.

Here an areal view of the western front part of the property...

All the dark GREY area is Chaparral brush which is highly flammable... * PINK is where it started- at the well house... ORANGE is the approximate area that burnt... and the YELLOW areas are where the outbuildings, garden and orchards are located.

This is the first in a series of blog write ups on this wildfire... I will be reporting back shortly on status, damages and progress report on restoring the power outage... I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who is helping us get through this crisis with more ease. Fundraising information including a ChipIn event button will follow as soon as I can get it together.

from all of us here at Twilight !
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