Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wildfire at Twilight: Sat June 12th

At precisely 3.30 am... in the final phase of the dark moon... heavy winds tore through the main electrical connection to the Twilight... ripping off the mounted pole, the electrical main box, and the siding to the well house.

The electrical line hit the ground and a wildfire began to simmer on the western end of the property.

It travelled away from the well house, where the Brigit altar and prayer ties reside...

... heading southbound through manzanita and brush into a clearing......

then headed eastbound avoiding a large brush area but going towards the geodesic dome...

Once again the winds guided the wildfire southbound... avoiding the dome...

and moving towards the side of the spiral garden...

Flames simmered through the previously weed whacked area and shifted direction eastbound past the shed & my van parked on the other side... skirting the Pawlonias and then burning between the rastra blocks & apple winter spiral...

At that point... the fire widened burning towards the figs...

... and through the olive trees...

and then moving up towards the rear end of the compound fencing... At that point and in one single hot spot, the fire began its ascent up the mountain.

At that moment, I gave up my firefighting efforts and ran towards my van to get off property ... to open the gates and make way for the fire trucks.

The fire had already cleared through the main compound... avoiding every single structure and almost all the orchards and spiral gardens !!!

I was asked to stay off property until the fire was "contained" at which point I returned to take these photos.

The fire was named Mule fire and all 4 fire districts in Lake County, plus Wilbur & Brooks from Colusa County came to render aid. I think about a dozen fire engines, two water tenders, one helicopter, one dozer and I believe there were approx 3 hotshot inmate crews.

Then there were all the supporting, administrative, security and team leaders present as well. Perhaps close to 125+ individuals all working hard to contain and control this wildfire.

Here an areal view of the western front part of the property...

All the dark GREY area is Chaparral brush which is highly flammable... * PINK is where it started- at the well house... ORANGE is the approximate area that burnt... and the YELLOW areas are where the outbuildings, garden and orchards are located.

This is the first in a series of blog write ups on this wildfire... I will be reporting back shortly on status, damages and progress report on restoring the power outage... I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who is helping us get through this crisis with more ease. Fundraising information including a ChipIn event button will follow as soon as I can get it together.

from all of us here at Twilight !


  1. Wow! The pictures sure do add depth to this conversation.
    I trust all has gone well with the inspection this morning and look forward to hearing such.
    Blessings to Twilight and her beloved inhabitants,
    may All continue to be free from harm.

  2. So sorry for all you've gone through Nicole! Sending healing thoughts to you and your family. May all be well soon and even better than before! Love you, LIsa

  3. Nicole...I am so glad you and your furbabies are safe! I just can't imagine your grief though mixed with thankfulness, I'm sure. You are in my prayers!

  4. I believe the spirit winds were with you, Nicole! It's amazing to see these photos, but even more amazing that the fire missed every outbuilding and as many orchards and gardens as it did! I'm so thankful that you and your kiddos are safe, and I'm thankful, too, for the wonderful firefighters and others who did an amazing job to get the fire under control.

    I hope your inspection went without a hitch today, fingers crossed and hopes sent your way!

    Thanks for the post and the continued updates so we can all know what is going on and what specific energies and prayers to send up and out for you.

  5. Oh my goodness, Nicole! I am so thrilled it missed the buildings but so sorry for all the damage and mayhem it caused. I'll pray for you and your family for a speedy recovery. I wish I could do more.

  6. glad to see the path the fire took was carefully chosen to avoid all your buildings and plants! very lucky indeed Nicole! and so glad that you and your family are all safe :)

    the huge response probably meant that it could have turned into a vast wide spread fire perhaps??

  7. Aw, how terrible. We are glad you are all safe. Paws crossed and prayers going out that there will be many blessings that come your way after this fire. Sasha and her mommy, Athena.

  8. Hi, Nicole~
    I am new to your blog and shop (via Patty of Catcalls;-) who posted your blog on the Petsjubilee forum...I am so glad that you and your beloved pets are safe and will pray for the healing of all that was harmed by this fire. This is an awe-inspiring description of the power all that is nature; good and bad.....God Bless you all!

  9. Nicole, both you and the land will recover and grow stronger.

  10. wow, sorry for what happened to your land.

  11. Oh no Nicole! How terrible. So glad you & your animals got out unharmed. So sad about your land though.


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