Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update: wellhouse damage, power outage

A continued thanks to all my friends and family for your sympathies and notes of encouragement.

Deep regrets to my good friend Lisa for spending so much time putting together a wonderful & thoughtful fundraiser to benefit Dingo... with Paypal's direction, I will add... only to find out that since neither of us are a non-profit organization that online raffles with Paypal payments could not be done. That benefit raffle had to be terminated and monies have been reimbursed to everybody. Our sincere apologies to all ! I am going to put together a seperate blog write up on Dingo and create a way for folks to make a monetary gift if they wish to do so. These are difficult times for us financially, especially since I have not been able to work online to make a living this week.

Update: wellhouse damage, power outage

The electrical inspection did not get its final approval this morning as I did not realize that I was expected to connect the riser wires from the electrical main box up through the weatherhead so... i had to run to town to buy some wire and will now have to wait until Friday morning for the inspector to return. Everything else looked good to him.

In the meantime, the electrical company sent their Senior Claims Investigator out to my place today... His card says he is part of their Law / Claims division... He simply could not understand how the wind could have ripped the entire service from the wall. So... we have more than one mystery going on here... as it appears that the transformer across the road which services my Main is faulty and needs to be replaced. hum...

So... our new tentative date for power restoration is this upcoming Friday... the electrical company has us on their schedule. Once power is restored then I will have to double check all the internal wiring into the well house to be sure that all the outlets are functioning properly.

Thanks for your good wishes !

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  1. Thanks for this update, Nicole, as I've been thinking mighty hard about you and what's happening out there. And I was just about to convo you about Dingo... wondering how the vet visit went the other day. Sorry the raffle didn't work out. :(

    Hope all works out for your power to be restored ASAP and that once it's on, all your wiring and outlets are okay.


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