Saturday, June 19, 2010

THANKS to my night guardian angels !

Several days ago, I made the stunning discovery that areas defined by an outline going from my well house to each of my fur children's graves had been graphically safeguarded from fire behind them. Areas in front of them had burnt very carefully & in a controlled manner so that the fire snaked no closer than the edge of each structure and in between the gardens and orchards. Each outbuilding had a handcrafted and protection spelled Brizel apple wood Brigit Cross.

Once the fire cleared my sentinels (purple dots), then the fire (yellow) widened & with one exception burnt only to the edge of the compound fencing. At first I thought it was a series of miracles having to do with a variety of things: switching wind direction, luck (so to speak), and well mowed & raked areas but as i was photographing the areas, I got a distinct impression that there was more to this than met the eye.

A couple of days after Mule fire struck Twilight, I awoke up one morning with the realization that the boundaries could not be coincidental and I had the visualization of Nimue patrolling the grounds and sounding the alarm... Tammy, Chelsea, Tillie, & Tara rising up from their feline slumbers to render assistance. It felt like a spiritual awakening and in my heart I knew it was true !

Brigit altar in the Well house

Brigit is a Celtic Goddess associated with fire & water
She is a protectress of animals, women & orchards
The Brigit crosses that I make are protective amulets

Tammy of the earth

Tammy found me here at Twilight
She had been abandoned and wandered up to the land
from the highway... looking for love and a new home

Chelsea Roo

Chelsea came to us when we were living in the Canaries
She was part of a pack of homeless animals
that got fed daily by a lady living on our road
She would love to hang out at our property
and decided she liked it so when we moved
back to the USA we brought her with us


Tillie was adopted as a kitten when we lived in London
and was my fur daughter for all 17 years of her life...
She was the first to cross over
and be buried here at Twilight


Tara is Tillie's sister and was with me for 19 years
She slept curled up near my pillow every single night...
She was the last of my feline daughters to cross over

Nimue the white

Nimue is my first canine daughter
She is named after Nimue, the Welsh Spring Goddess.
She crossed over suddenly at the end of last winter...
Nimue is a dedicated protectress
to this land and to our family

One week ago,
this incredible team of allies saved our lives by carefully guiding the flames through & out the main compound where all the structures, orchards & gardens are located. They are the best night guardian angel team I've ever known...

to All My Relations,
My Ancestors and
to Brigit for keeping us safe !


  1. I know it's so, our loved ones who have passed continue to be there for us. Many accounts have been written about this and I've experienced it myself. Nothing else makes sense - what happened with the fire at your home. Love is eternal and is the most powerful force in the universe. Without doubt, Nimue was true to her words and you were protected by those who love you. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us.

    Love you, Lisa

  2. How wonderful to have a little heavenly path spared from the fire. I loved the pictures of all your kitties as I had never seen them before.

  3. They are all so beautiful and special, how amazing that they are watching over you and Twilight :)

  4. Amazing how the universe can spare the things that make our spirit. My thoughts have been with you.

  5. the fire took a very particular path indeed, and thanks for letting us know about your friends who are looking over you, keeping you safe :)


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