Saturday, July 24, 2010

of Butterflies and Buddleia Bushes

At this time of year, here at Twilight, the heat of the summer has set in and on the most part butterflies have already been and gone...

Etsy for Animals, the street team i belong to, has been enjoying July's Monthly Challenge which theme was 'Butterfly Garden'. Of course, I wanted to get my fingers in the pie and participate in the lovely denouemant of entries with a treasury climax:

FLUTTERBY with Etsy for Animals

Lynn from LolaLynn put it together for us and there were so many beautiful & colorful entries... Way to go team EFA !!!

I had an unusual piece of novelty fabric that I decided to enter into the Challenge and offer up for sale in the brizel4TheAnimals store. Its a beautiful orange cloth with golden Klimt like spirals and butterflies. So lovely. Thanks so much Lynn :)

About half way through the month, I inherited a pile of DVD movies and amidst the many interesting titles was one called: The Blue Butterfly. Its a Canadian film, directed in 2006 by Lea Pool, starring William Hurt, Pascale Bussieres, and Marc Donato. I totally fell in love with the movie: the characters & their presentation, the gorgeous cinematography, and its many magical messages.

Here's a trailer for it:

Here at Twilight where the main focus is in creating habitat... when I envisioned the enormous footprint of the Spiral Garden it was in view of having a sacred path side by side with a flower garden that would attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. This Spiral Garden is dedicated to Spring & Summer and the elements of air & fire.

There are many types of plants that attract butterflies... one particular species is the Buddleia, also know as butterfly bushes. They have been perfect for this climate zone and have delighted butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees alike.

I have about 3 dozen of them in a variety of colors... including 4 that i planted this year... which all told will provide Twilight with 10 different varieties. It is important to have variety and at least 5 different colors for a 'serious' butterfly garden.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the three new colors prosper and bloom... a honeycomb yellow, a fragrant pink & a lovely bi-color which were planted in honor of Nimue.

Today, I feel so grateful that the wildfire which burnt all the way up to the exterior of the spiral garden where the butterfly bushes reside were not burnt to death. Some were indeed scorched but all survived due to my maintenance work and the miracles that transpired here on wildfire day.

As The Blue Butterfly movie shares:
"The only way to catch a miracle is to believe in it"

Czech glass blue moonglow butterfly button
available at Brizel Supplies !


  1. Yes-miracles!! And the sweet smell of those butterfly bushes will always be a wonderful reminder of God's protection! They are beautiful!

  2. I really enjoyed all this month's EFA challenge entries too Nicole. & I'll have to try & get a copy of that film to watch... Your buddleias look beautiful - I hope they bring lots of butterfies to twilight. Do they have a scent? Jx

  3. Simply lovely Nicole!

    I'm coming to your house to see your beautiful garden!!:)

    Love the quote!

  4. The Blue Butterfly is one of my very favorite movies!!

    Your spiral garden sounds lovely, I think you might enjoy the one my fellow bee keeper John Lyons created:


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