Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brizel Handcrafts & Brizel Supplies online venue update

July is well under way...
both mulberry trees are fruiting nicely
& the focus of my days remains intensely two fold:

Working at Twilight
on orchard/garden maintenance
as well as wildfire repair/cleanup
- AND -
Continuing the task of moving inventory
from my Etsy shops to my Artfire Studios

It is a daily work in progress !

My apologies... at the moment
many of my handcrafts are
in that magical in-between space...
neither here or there.

Please forgive the virtual pixie dust
& feel free to contact me here
or on either online venues
if you are looking for something in particular.



  1. Big jobs... all those you're up to! So are you closing up the Etsy shops at some point and focusing on Artfire? Why?... pray tell. Although I may be able to guess, what with my own frustration with lack of sales and the goings-on of admin.

    Good luck with everything... thinking of you!

  2. Thanks Rebecca... lets be in touch via email !


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