Saturday, July 31, 2010

Keeping the bees happy...

... at Twilight is an all year extravaganza !

Its true... even on the warmer days in the winter time, bees will venture out to say hello to the abundant flowering rosemary bushes...

The height of the summer is not upon us yet and although at this time of year there are fewer flowers in bloom... none the less... we must keep the bees happy !

We are having a little respite in heat above 105F at the moment... its been skirting around 98F for the last few days and it feels good to recover from 'heat exhaustion'... There's more energy in the mornings to work in the garden or on property repairs & maintenance.

At this time of year, of course, there is always lavender blooming at Twilight, french - spanish - english, and then the wild star thistle... which i do not cultivate but is rampart in these mountains.... the bees love the fat yellow flowers !

The Spiral Garden at Twilight has a few bloomers of its own... which keep those bees busy & entertained throughout the days. Early in the mornings, I find them exhausted and asleep in the flowers... as if they were too tired to return to their night time abodes. Once the sun hits the garden... they awake & buzz in merriment !

Mexican Poppy


Butterfly Bushes

White Echinacea


Pink Mallow

White Sage

I haven't figured out yet how many different types of bees come to visit Twilight... these pictures show two different varieties but earlier this year, I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of others. Soon my curiosity & exhaustion will create the time to find a pictorial guide showing different bee varieties... but for now... having flowers blooming keeps the bees happy.

One day perhaps, a bee keeper will venture my way !


  1. Beautiful pics Nicole - I love the white echinecias especially. If I were a bee I would buzz right over to your wonderful garden ;-)


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