Monday, July 12, 2010

belated Treasury Thanks... EFA MEMBERS part 2

I am, once again, delighted to be able to take a moment to post my thank you's to Efa Team members that chose to feature something from one of my stores in a treasury !

- KneeDeepOriginals -

It is always a priviledge to be included in KneeDeepOriginals' creative endeavors, Rebecca makes beautiful visual exposes and was gracious enough to include a Czech glass button... one of my favorites I might add. Thanks so much !

I discovered this breathtaking photograph in Rebecca's store: On the Wings of Summer, which is being offered for sale fully framed. It is a stunning image, don't you think ?

- KneeDeepOriginals -

Oh Goddess... An entire treasury with orange delights. It makes me drool every single time I look at it. Orange, since childhood, has been one of my favorite colors.

Another gem of a collection created by Rebecca from KneeDeepOriginals where she was abundantly generous by featuring 2 of my items (from two different stores)... a Love is the Key necklace and one of my Satin Hip Button Belts.

This treasury went to press shortly after the wildfire at Twilight and Rebecca wanted to give me extra opportunities to make some sales. Thank you so much !

It didn't take me long to spot this sensational necklace in Rebecca's KneeDeepOriginal store... Gypsy Soul Necklace which... just transported me away in blissful moments of fantasy. I love it !

And... these incredible earrings... which I had already seen and read about on Rebecca's blog... Waves of Damascus... a collaborative creation.

Here is what her product listing says about them: "Earrings made from Damascus steel. Look closely at these to see the pattern in the steel; these are NOT etched or painted. Damascus steel is a centuries-old practice of making the strongest and hardest steel. It is made by a long process of heating, forging, folding and hammering steel over and over again, resulting in hundreds of layers of steel which form a variety of gorgeous patterns, depending on the folding technique. This particular steel was made by my knife-maker husband who uses the steel in his custom-made knives."

- VickiDianeDesigns -

Vicki Diane has been an outrageous advocate for artists on Etsy... encouraging us to 'expose' our faces, with or without our animal friends, as the first image to our product listing.

I was honored to be chosen and encouraged to participate and did so, twice. Once with the Love is the Key Necklace and a second time with one of my Silk Tapestry Hip Pouches which you can see in the above treasury (note other familiar faces ?). In this product shot, I was imitating a Dali-esque pose with one of Vicki's favorite Brizel Silk Tapestry Hip Pouches... Thanks so much for your support Vicki- you rock, girlfriend !

And here is the queen herself... Ms Vicki Diane from VickiDianeDesigns... I thought it only fair that we should enjoy a portrait of her Loveliness wearing one of her colorful creations, Sizzling Hot.

- thedoghouse -

Jane from thedoghouse was inspired by a girl's desire to make a difference and help animals... Olivia... and created this lovely aviary themed treasury. She found a piece of cotton ribbon I was destashing through the Brizel4TheAnimals' store, it reads: With All my Love and has a bird image at the end of the message. I very much appreciated the inclusion in her lovely treasury. Thanks so much !

I was deeply influenced in choosing the above product from Jane's thedoghouse store... a turquoise blue treat bag... We actually have one of these in our household and Merlin very much looks forward to the moment when i pull it out, dangle it before him... open it... and provide mili-seconds of crunchy enjoyments. These treat bags are very handy to have in one's purse !

Thanks for riding along on this blog feature...
Join me again in the future for more treasury gratitudes !


  1. I enjoyed this enormously Brizel and really LOVED the little tribute. Thanks SO very much.
    Well written and produced my friend xox

  2. This is just lovely-there are so many gorgeous items here. Oh how I wish I could have them!!

  3. Nicole, you are so good at your thank yous whenever we include you in our treasuries! Thank YOU for this blog post ;-) Rebecca's treasuries are always stunning & there's only one Vicki on Etsy & we all love her! So glad Merlin is enjoying his treats bag - we have 2 dogs in our house who now associate a flash of bright turquoise with the consumption of tasty treats shortly after ;-) Jx

  4. wonderful treasuries and write up, very talented team!

  5. Wowza... what a great collection of treasuries and such wonderful words you've added to them. Thanks so much for this post... and now I must simply check out those treat bags! They look fabulous!

    BTW, I'm also going to post this link on my FB page.

  6. I'm pimping your ArtFire store now! I've stolen pictures (shame on me)of your gorgeous buttons and have posted the link on facebook. I'm hooked since I got mine! Very best to you, and friends - both human and animal. And you can kill me later for the theft of copyrighted pics, if you like.


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