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Treasury EFA March Challenge plus The Animals Magic Shop and The Faerie Cupboard

TEAM EFA (Etsy for Animals) has a monthly challenge for its members... based on a theme, this month was called March Mixture and our challenge was to highlight the use of "a mixture of materials, techniques and media".

Here's a treasury of the first twelve entries... created by Team EFA's Challenge leader Lynn, etsy store owner of Thanks so much for a wonderful treasury :)


I decided to submit one of Brizel's apple wood Brigit Crosses because they are made of fruit wood which i grow & prune myself... dry over the course of a year and then sew the pieces together into a Brigit / Brigid Cross. Brizel's apple wood Brigit Crosses can be found for sale either in my animal fundraising store: and/or in my handcraft shop:

Pictured below is one of my favorite March Mixture entries... submitted by Sky & Karen Lisa from theanimalsmagicstore... an awesome handmade studio button called 'SHY WOLF IN HIDING'...

The description reads: "This button is made of wood with a hand painted ceramic wolf set in the center and words written around the entire outside of the button in ink. The words read: "I'm hiding Vacancy - no one lives here Just keep walking Ignore that face in the doorway It's just a statue No tresspassing Keep out Beware of lions, tigers, and bears Stop Halt I would run away if I were you".

The button is vintage, the bead is new, it's been coated with a protective finish but cannot be laundered. Signed and dated on the back by my person. I bet you've never seen a button like this before, have you ?"

NO, i haven't seen anything like that before... and I think it's simply marvelous !

I adore theanimalsmagicshop... "It's all about animals"... Sky so excitingly reports... He continues by confiding that... "My person has given me permission to pick whatever I think you'd like from her ~secret stash~ !"

Meet Sky... he's a VERY handsome 'hubba hubba' 8 year old Siberian husky...

"Do you know that all animals are magical and can help you and teach you things? It's true !! That's our purpose in life and our greatest wish. But sadly, many animals can't realize their dreams because they're endangered, sick, hungry, homeless, or abused.... I'm just a little speck in the universe, but I know even the smallest of us can make a big difference !"

Opening The Animals Magic Shop was Sky's idea... because he wanted to do what he could to raise money for animals... so... 25% of the shop proceeds, minus shipping and Etsy fees, is donated to Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue and another 25% is donated to the Etsy For Animals Charity of the Month.

Karen Lisa is Sky's person and she does all the administrative work on his behalf. She is also the button artist in this partnership...

Pictured above is a gorgeous scrimshaw button of a wolf... "This button was listed to help raise money for animals in memory of Siberian husky, Lobo, and of all the members of the Wolf tribe who have lost their lives. It is a scrimshaw on snow white polymer with a drilled in silver metal loop shank. Measures 1 1/2" across... it was my person's very first scrimshaw project 8 years ago and is signed by her on the front."

Above is a delightful set of Alpine Rose florals... hand painted by K. Lisa on antique mother or pearl buttons... These buttons are listed & currently available in K. Lisa's own etsy store: thefaeriecupboard which specializes in "Sewing Buttons... Antique, Vintage and New; Costume Jewelry and Antiques".

Her profile reads: "Want to know a little about me ? I'm Karen Lisa and I live with the Faeries part time because I want to and they let me. The rest of the time I live with my wonderful husband, 12 Siberian husky sled dog fur-children... my coyote pack buddies and all the other animals and beings who grace the magical crossroads here on Nestles Lane. Aside from running and playing with sled dogs, I'm an antiques dealer, Reiki Master-Teacher, and animal telepathic communicator. I also practice shamanism but my clients are all animals and they're the only ones who can tell you if I'm any good or not :>) If I could have one wish come true, I would wish that all people would be kind to animals."

Karen Lisa works diligently to help animals & is a valued member of the EFA team... her favorite charities are:
Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue
Defenders of Wildlife
Habitat for Cats

Tune in for more features on these fabulous stores... they are two of my favorite Etsy shops ! Apart from visiting them... you can also browse thru their web sites: and

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  1. Lovely post, I'm already a big fan of both, Karen Lisa's shop and of course Sky's as well..anyone who does so much for animal welfare is top notch. Thanks for doing such great work!

  2. Thanks for posting! Love all the entries to this month's EFA challenge & lovely to learn more about Sky & Karen Lisa ;-) Jx

  3. Great post, featuring beautiful items by wonderful EFA members helping animals, so inspiring :) Thank you for your work with the Challenges and for promoting EFA!

  4. What a great post! I'm really looking forward to being a a part of EFA, even more now that I have seen this! Beautiful Husky...and 12 of them!


  5. Dear Nicole,

    Thank you!!! When I told Sky about this, I think he was the most thrilled about you calling him handsome! He also said, "Tell Nicole she does very well at love." Sky believes that love is the most important thing in the world, so that is the ultimate compliment.

    Thank you for being a loving friend to the animals and to both of us - we treasure you and your friendship more than words can express.

    Love you lots,
    Lisa and Sky


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