Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dragon House of Yuen is one of those hardcore Etsyan's dedicated to promoting through its Treasury system.

Every three days there is sure to be a squeeky fun new edition ! This week... to welcome March into our lives...

TiMe fOR TeA yUMeEe

To my delight, I found one of my very own listings staring back at me... brizel4TheAnimals' 18oz quince wood GOURMET GNAWER TREATS !

Then something uniquely wonderful happened- this treasury made the Front Page of Etsy two days later... on thursday March 4th. One of my listings finally made it to the front page and my 2hr moment of fame was reduced to a pile of homegrown wood :)

I laughed so hard that it was good for my sole, ya' know what i mean ? Once my soles were full... the other soul got some too. lol. After 300 additional views- my last load of quince gnawers had been sold. Thanks so very much Annette !

This delightful treasury has its own treasure hunt going... It reads: "Arabella will pour YOUR tea here !" Its a mystery... "WHO is Arabella ?" you think... your curiosity gets the better of you... so you click on the link and away you go to.... the Buckeye House Rabbit Society Spring Raffle announcement.

Suddenly before you is this incredible stunning rabbit bag:

"Here is a beautiful handmade bag of Arabella, my rescue rabbit. She is wearing her favorite huge-red-flowers-amid-foliage jumper. This is a beautiful 100% cotton with a visible twill type effect. It is very soft to the touch and the reds are a bright vibrant color."

"When going on a special outing, why not take your art-accessory bag with you? Arabella loves going out and meeting new admirers. When at home, she loves to doze on a shelf while being admired by your house guests. She has delightful brown eyes and a sweet expression."

"The bag is made of machine and hand sewn parts. The straps are of a strong black webbing. The sides are padded to give the body shape. The lining is a found soft cream cotton. A small pocket has been added which can hold a cell phone. The pocket is part of the same flower material. A small metal popper will keep the bag closed."

"The edges are hand and machine sewn together with finished seams out. The base and chest are of a black felt. It has a thin fleece padding. The face is hand painted in waterproof Gutta on a found white felt base. The legs have been drawn in with black fabric pen and machine stitched over. The plastic safety eyes are secured from inside."

"Length approximately 11 inches (28 cm) x height 8 inches (21 cm) x depth 2.5 inches (6 cm). Handle height from ears is approximately 5 inches (13 cm)."

The flyer goes on to say: "All proceeds will go directly to our foster program and will ensure that needy bunnies have a safe haven until they find the happiness of a permanent home. Tickets cost $1 each and you may buy as many as you wish. The lucky winner will be notified before Easter."

Well Holmes, another case solved, lets go buy us some tickets, shall we ?!

CLiCK HERE to go the Buckeye House Rabbit Society Spring Raffle announcement & links.

CLiCK HERE to visit Annette's dragon house of yuen's store... where you will find a huge selection of Arabella bags and lots more to especially delight those bunny & hare soles, oops i mean souls. lol !


  1. heh heh Nicole! thank you so much for spreading the good word about the Buckeye Raffle!
    I nearly fell off my seat when the T made FP - infact I sat there glued to the screen for the full 60 minutes! and saw 3 items sold off the T!
    always like to promote with a bit of humour if possible :) and thank you SO MUCH for writing about it all here!
    bringing a lovely smile to my face!

  2. Well done Annette! Lovely wtite up Nicole.

  3. Wonderful! Congrats to both of you, beautiful, so sweet treasury for a great cause, of course !!! ;0)


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