Saturday, April 3, 2010

Treasury Thanks... Brizel TAGUA NUT jewelry !

I've been busily listing some of Brizel's Tagua Nut Jewelry into the brizel4TheAnimals store... and feeling quite happy & content about showing it off again. Earth Day will soon be upon us !

Tagua Nut is an eco-friendly renewable petrified wood from the Amazon rain forest... A nut of many names, it grows on the edge of the rainforest on a palm type tree that reaches between twenty & thirty feet tall. Its botanical name is “Phytelephas Macrocarpa Palmae”. “Phyton” is the Greek word for plant and “elephas” means elephant because of the nut's relative large size... It grows in a cluster formation called ‘cabeza’ (head) and when the nut ripens it simply falls to the ground.

Vegetable "ivory", a generic name for this gorgeous wood, is harvested & dried over a period of three months at which point it is considered petrified. Under its brown skin lies a beautiful natural white "ivory" like material. In the olden days, many buttons were made from this natural material because it could easily be cut, turned, engraved & dyed. Also known as Corrozzo, tagua has also been traditionally used for miniature carvings, providing an animal friendly alternative to real ivory. Today, the main industry for the tagua nut seems to be focused on bead making supplies... creating an entirely new opportunity for jewelry.

Some of my EFA team colleagues discovered Brizel's new tagua nut jewelry listings and within days, three ETSY TREASURiES featured some of my offerings.

BLUEtiful by SunlightGlassJewelry

Pictured above is one of Brizel's Delightful Daisy tagua nut pendants.

Thank You SunlightGlassJewelry for the lovely feature !
feast your eyes on one of her beautiful fused dichroid glass pendants

STRiNGS ATTACHED by thoseparasoldays

Love is the Key, a mixed media necklace with tagua nut pebble & ceramic alphabet beads, and embellished with a silver plated key charm. This necklace is a limited edition of 15, each one in a different color !

Thank you to thoseparasoldays for including my necklace... Here's a delightful fairytale print from one of her original watercolours, which she named: Best of Friends.

BE KiND TO ANiMALS by Heathrock

Here's a multicolored Spiral Wrap Bracelet,
made of cubed tagua nut alternating with silver plated beads.

Thank you, Heathrock for the feature !
Here's a fun looking butterfly, a hand painted piece
by her which she calls: Be.Free

I will be listing a variety of tagua nut jewelry items into my brizel4TheAnimals' store... feel free to stop in for a visit and browse thru the selection. (You can click on any of the links provided to either visit my listings/stores... or the treasury makers shop/listing.) ENJOY !

HAPPY SPRiNG &/OR AUTUMN to all who tip toe thru my blog and Etsy stores !


  1. Wonderful treasuries and finds, love that tagua nuts are animal and eco friendly! ;0) Love the Hummingbird necklace too, how sweet!

  2. Beautiful jewelry and I enjoyed learning a bit more about Tagua nuts - very fun, and earth friendly too!

  3. How interesting! I'd never heard of tagua nuts before ;-) Jx

  4. thanks so much for including my butterfly in your blog!! i absolutely LOVE your stuff!! :)

  5. Hey, Nicole! I just love what you've done with these nuts - and interesting to find out a bit about them, too! I had trouble deciding on just one for the "Strings Attached" treasury - I think I had at least two in the fourth column! (I like the... snowflakes? white tiny ants? on the blog - I keep getting distracted by them ;D )


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