Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the love of dog... NiMUE is seven !

I remember seeing Nimue for the first time... seven years ago at the vet clinic. She was only a few weeks old, pure white, and i could hold her entirely in my two outstretched palms. What a sight for these eyes and heart to behold !

I naturally named her Nimue ('Nimway') after the Welsh Spring Maiden from old Celtic lores and myths. She was full of energy and i remember how, on another visit at the clinic, she 'stole' my car keys and went scampering off with her throng of brothers behind her. lol. What a vibrant happy character she has !

Actually... it was not a 'given' that I was going to be allowed to adopt her and one of her brothers, Merlin. The entire litter was slated to transfer down to a specialist dog facility in Marin County. Our clinic was given 3 months to find homes for the entire litter. If they succeeded to locate suitable homes for all five of the puppies- then it was a go. If the clinic failed- then all of them would move to Marin.... We waited as the puppies grew... I would take two... another gal wanted one... there was a prospect for another... but in the end I do not believe homes were located for all five. Biting our nails, the clinic put in a plea... three would go to homes that they could personally vouch for... the other two were still waiting.

Spring Equinox finally came...

... and Merlin & Nimue arrived at Twilight.

What a glorious day that was !

Last month, Nimue & Merlin turned SEVEN... Where did the time fly ? I mean... I still call them puppies, fur goodness sake ! lol.

Nimue is now all grown up and technically moving into Senior-hood. I know... because I'm in the process of choosing new dog food for them...

Ain't my girl pretty, though ?

Happy Birthday, Nimue !

Here's a poem Nimue wrote for me last year...
I want to share it because it is really special to me and shows what an extraordinary girl she is.

Star light,
Star bright,
You are my star,
Every night.
Sun rise,
Sun set,
Do I love you?
You can bet!

Thank you Nimue... You are my heart & joy and i appreciate all the hard work you do to protect me & Twilight !


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful doggy, you were an adorable puppy too! :0)

  2. Happy Birthday Nimue! May you live a long happy life full of joy and love!


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