Thursday, January 7, 2010

ECO ETSY GREEN treasury feature Jan 6 - 8

My gratitude and thanks to Lachiffonniere, a fellow member of the Eco Etsy Team that i belong to, for this wonderful GREEN ETSY TREASURY:

Anny selected a set of mod green glass buttons from the Brizel Supplies store to be featured in this lovely treasury.

Lachiffonniere is a delightful Etsy store which the owner simply describes as "QUILT, RAG DOLL AND OTHER AMUSEMENTS". Her items are really fun, especially if the kid inside you is still awake and especially if you are in the mood to buy lovely items for a child.

In her own words, Anny says this about herself: "I am a fashion designer who is fascinated by hand-made articles. I have a workshop at home where I create quilts, rag doll, clothes and accessories of all kinds. I particularly like to work with ecological fibers (recycled fabrics and organic fibers).

I'm a French Canadian artist who lives in a beautiful old house in a small village by the St-Lawrence River a few miles away from Quebec City, Canada.

I don't want to over-exploit our planet. Fashion, for me, is a way of expressing himself. Every person is unique and the hand-made clothes reveal our personality in a unique way!

I like to use my creativity to produce my quilt and cute friends which respect the environment. All my products are maded with recycled fabrics. These fabrics are pre-consumer recycled. They result from rests of cutting (table waste) of manufacturers and from designers. Only products in jeans are made from pair of recycled jeans. "

Personally i like this little fellow...

but i know one of the dogs would confiscate it from me... because truly they are my teddy bears :) Click on the picture to get to Anny's store listing.

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  1. You are a sweetie! Thanks you so much for you feature! You have a wonderful blog. Will facebook it! ;)


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