Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LOVE iS THE KEY charming FUNDRAiSiNG necklace

LOVE iS THE KEY, or at least it is for me... this charming message necklace spells out this sentiment very nicely and is likely to open the hearts of all whose gaze falls upon it.

Love is the key is a necklace made of silver plated wire... with white ceramic alphabet cube beads, each side with the same letter in a different color... tagua nut beads, an eco-friendly petrified wood from the rainforest which is known to have & to hold receptive healing qualities... and adorned with a sweet key charm pendant.

This necklace is a small limited edition and is currently available in a variety of tagua nut spacer bead colors: white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple.

Available for purchase in my third Etsy shop, brizel4TheAnimals, which is dedicated to raising funds for animal care. My animal pack are all rescues... all needing special attention and tender loving care and with your help, I look forward to being able to help & support other animals in need as well !

The sales from this particular product line will go to benefit Dingo. The picture above was taken a few years ago and is one of my favorites of her. She is needing a ramp to help her up the stairs to her bedroom, which can also be used to climb on the bed and into the van.

Dingo is now approximately 17 yrs old. She's been with me for a little over 5 1/2 yrs, I rescued her from a lifetime of being kept on a chain guarding someone's property and often not seeing anyone for days at a time. The minute I saw her... I told her owner that I would take her with me the next time I set foot on his property. Within a week she was in the safety of my home.

Merlin & Nimue were only 6 months old at the time and all three of them got along very well until... two years ago, for some reason (perhaps there was an alpha switch ?) Nimue began to hold grudges against Dingo that became a liability for everyone concerned. Since then, Dingo is kept seriously seperate and all is well :) I have never known Nimue to behave that way with any other being- she is especially gentle with babies, small kids and cats. Someone once told me that in the wild, the elders in the pack are often banished or killed in order to keep the pack strong & healthy.

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  1. Dingo looks great for her age, it's so great that you found each other. May you live a thousand years, Dingo !!


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