Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well... here it is... the special Treasury we worked so hard on... Thanks to Pey Lu and Vicki Diane !

Vicki Diane is an Etsy artist who has a reputation for creating wonderful Treasuries and who recently was inspired to create an UPFRONT SERIES by asking artists to photograph themselves with one of their products. Team EFA (Etsy For Animals) was invited to do so with their animals in the picture frame as well !

So off we went to create something...
I've already blogged about the LOVE IS THE KEY product that I put together and this is the one that got listed into Brizel4TheAnimals and which is currently being featured in this special Treasury.

Here's a screenshot of it:


Vicki Diane, in her own words... has this to say about herself in her Etsy profile:

"I'm in LOVE with life , colour, music and art. My creations are bold, vibrant, sexy fun unique and ALIVE . ( hopefully as you read -- like me ) !

I'm from London UK , where I left at 19 and travelled the world singing the blues and playing the piano.. made a couple of records and collected many a stray dog on the way.

I am lucky enough now to live between beautiful Southern Spain,( Andalucia ), and the UK.

I've a HUGE passion for animals and animal print which I must have picked up on my travels , and also vibrant rich exotic and Mediterranean inspired colours, having spent many a moon relaxing and sinking my toes into foreign sands ;) "

Here's the link to visit her Etsy shop: VickiDianeDesigns.

THANKS SO MUCH VICKI... and for all that you do !

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