Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big country cat moves to big city !

Mawr is moving on to bigger places...

It was an honor to be Mawr's mother these last two and half years. I have known him his whole life... some eight yrs at least. It was my friend Ellen who gifted him to Gabriel. The poor guy arrived at his destination screaming and indignant... you see, he has never been a good traveller... Ellen had called him Superman but Gabriel being a Welsh-ofile settled with Mawr ('MA-wer') which evidently means 'big' in Welsh.

When Gabriel passed away two and a half years ago, Mawr moved in with our family which at the time was comprised of two male felines and three dogs. For whatever reasons, he did not like Moonstone... and it became clear that Merlin would be his nemesis. So... Mawr got his own special room... and we all settled in as best as we could.

Then Dingo needed to be kept seperate from Nimue... so she joined Mawr and they happily roomed together... a miracle since Dingo is the only dog Mawr has ever liked and tolerated and in this manner, a nice companionship unfolded !

Today, David & Mari travelled up from San Francisco to pick up Mawr and take him to his/their forever home. They were mutual friends of Gabriel's and so already know Mawr very well. Their household boasts four felines, three of which I am told are over 9 pounds. Mawr a steady 15 pound feline has extra digits to justify it !

It is my hope that Mawr will settle in with his new family smoothly & quickly. I will miss him and all his little ways & moods. The office already feels empty without him but I know in my heart that relinquishing him was in everyone's best interest.

Ahhhh... these furry animals... they come into my life and bring me into Love Land... I could not imagine a life without them... without their unconditional love... without their companionship.

Thanks for trusting me and fare thee well Mawr !


Sunday August 2nd email from David:

Hi Hazel,

He's doing well. After just a few minutes in the car, he got mostly quiet and hardly complained at all the rest of the trip. According to plan, we're giving him exclusive use of the back room so he can settle into a smaller space without other kitties, then we'll introduce him to the rest of the house and its occupants in a few days. So we let him out of the cat carrier in the back room, and he promptly crawled under the treadmill and hid. I understand that's not unusual for a cat in a new place. So we put out food, water and litter box and left him to set his own schedule. This afternoon he came out with just a little coaxing (and a few greenies), and he hung out with us, purring loudly, and let us pet him for a long time. He has only had a little of his regular food (I put out some fresh for him when he emerged), but he is sitting on the card table looking quite content and looking out the window now and then. We drop in often and pet him.

We took Aletia to the vet on schedule in the early afternoon, while Mawr was still hiding, and we decided not to drag him out and disturb him with another car ride and a vet visit just yet. He has no need to get to the vet right away, and he will be happier settling in if we put that off for a week or two.

Thanks again for all the love and care you've given him over the past two years. He thanks you, too. We'll keep you posted on his progress.



  1. What a special, handsome kitty, thank you for giving him such a good home and so much love! Michele

  2. Hoping that Mawr settles in well to his new home!
    and so glad that he had a love filled life with you!

  3. Mawr is so handsome and looks like he's had the best of everything while under your care. Hope he adjusts quickly to his new playmates and home!


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