Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nimue and SNAKES

Nimue is resting today and she has extra cause to... yesterday evening she was bit on the foot by a snake. THANK the Gods it was NOT a rattler... but most probably a garter or a gopher snake. I didn't see it happen... all I saw was Nimue pulling herself across the land because her back leg had gone lame.

I got this hundred pound girl in the van then ran to get my homeopathic remedies whilst she settled down. I immediately gave her Arnica then assessed what the problem was. I could see two little dots of blood on her rear paw... so I knew it was a snake bite. Arnica worked fast and she regained control of her leg muscles within a few minutes !

Ledum is the remedy for puncture wounds... including bites (insect or snake), and also for mechanical punctures such as gunshots and needles (vaccinations). When you have found the right remedy... the next important question is what dosage to give... too high is toxic and will exacerbate the issue... too little is helpful but in a life threatening situation- time is of the essence !

I called my friend Julia... she can do long distance muscle testing as well as receive yes/no answers to specific questions. She immediately diagnosed that it was a snake bite but not from a rattler and that 200c Ledum was the appropriate dosage for Nimue. I immediately gave that to her and then checked around for the snake whilst Julia & I continued our phone consultation. Alas I could not find it !

Thank goodness, Nimue did not exhibit any symptoms of being bit by a rattle snake (inflammation, oozing punctures, shock, collapse) so we stayed at home and settled her on the big bed. I did a repeat of the 200c Ledum 4hrs later... then 30c 8hrs after that... and I will give her one more 30c dosage this evening.

She is recovering well... and has been sticking close to me today.

Earlier this year... I found Nimue munching on the remnants of a desiccated snake... and when I scouted the land... sure enough... I found a rattle... but nothing else. My main concern, at that point, was where did the head go ?

As I understand it... its always best to dispose of the head carefully since the venom sacks reside there but I have also been told that digesting the venom through the stomach is not usually fatal.

All I can say is: AY YAY YAH Nimue girl... stay away from snakes !!! and after this experience I hope she WiLL...

Much gratitude to my spiritual sister, Julia... YOU really ROCK :), to my Etsy friend Karen who sent some Reiki throughout the day, and to the Universe for giving us the best possible scenario in the given circumstances.

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