Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Summer and Happy New Moon

With the Herb Exchange fair behind me and the Kelseyville Homemakers Wine Festival ahead of me... life is even more busy !

I enjoyed being down in Sebastopol yesterday... friends Julia, BJ and Christopher stopped by and hung out in my booth in the afternoon. It was like having a fan club at my feet. lol. A very pleasant day with lots of appreciative comments for my work :)

I set up my booth differently... this time with two bamboo walls and two open walls. (The photos really didn't turn out well but here is one:)

I decided to keep it simple and only display the Silk Tapestry Hip Pouches, the Tagua Nut jewelry and the Key Message bracelets. The other product lines stayed at home... this made for a much more manageable set up !

A lovely event, which I hope to do again in the future, with a farmer's market and live music to soothe the soul. After packing up, some of us went to Whole Foods for cake & smoothies. YUM!

Happy Summer Solstice and THANK GODS its New Moon !

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