Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the Arms of Mama...

Happy Mother's Day !

In the Arms of Mama Kwan Yin
Custom collage of my animals
Zippy Zip, Dingo and Merlin
by Nancy of PetCollage


Isn't my new pet collage- wondrous, marvelous and super exciting ! I am soooo delighted with it. I wanted a custom collage showing my animals safe & sound in the arms of one of my favorite healing Goddesses: Kwan Yin.

I asked Nancy from PetCollage if she could manifest such an image for my Kwan Yin altar. This is where all my homeopathic remedies live as well as the silk tapestry art box which houses my pendulum. I have a mini statue of Kwan Yin in the same repose. 

Anyways, I LOVE the collage and wanted to share it with you. Me thinks its time for a little 'shout out'...

ABOUT PetCollage... 

"I'm a collage artist and pawparazzi. My cat Roscoe inspired me to make art that celebrates the joy and beauty and laughter that animals bring into our lives. My husband and I live on Chicago's beautiful lakefront where we enjoy the company of squirrels, birds, and the occasional cat (one of whom likes to open our screen door and make himself at home).  

My collages have been described as "clever", "kitschy" and "charming"."

"A unique gift for animal lovers, MY COLLAGES CAN BE PURCHASED AS IS OR CUSTOMIZED TO INCLUDE AN IMAGE OF AN ACTUAL PET OR A SPECIFIC BREED, with details added to celebrate an animal's special qualities. 

ALL PHOTOGRAPHIC ELEMENTS IN MY WORK ARE HANDCUT AND PASTED. I incorporate photographs with found objects, specialty papers, feathers, fabric, silk flowers, beads, gemstones and the like."

"PET ART, PET PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS FROM PHOTOS. It's easy to put a pet in a picture. Just email me photos and I'll make you a unique handmade collage. Or buy one of my original works of pet art. Check them out at Hope they make you smile!"

I am a member of Etsy for Animals (Team EFA) Artists Helping Animals I donate 10% of sales to The Red Door Shelter in Chicago."

PetCollage to view
 more of her artwork !


  1. I love these! I may have to get one done with my little guys included. I'd love to see my dogs sitting in the lap of the Buddha! :)

  2. Oh how lovely! A totally unique and special way to treasure a pet. How cool is this!!


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