Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Beautiful Day...

Another beautiful day up here in the mountains... It looks beautiful- doesn't it ? 

Actually we've been having tons of wind, with some pretty hefty gusts, over the last 3 days so outdoor work has not been very appealing- not with oak pollen, ceanothus pollen and dust flying all over the place ! 

My friend Jo ('yo') has been out of town these last five days and I've been going further up the ranch road to her place to give her Icelandic boys their treats and help her partner out with their extra care. 

Roger has been letting them out in the mornings after their breakfast and when I go up around noon, I entice them back into their respective paddocks with a little hay and then give them their treat mix (beet pulp, grains etc). 

They have been shedding so each time I've raked one or two of them... atchoo ! There's only 5 ponies there at the moment: FlyBoy, Mimir, Bleikur, Andi (top) and Bastian (bottom). The other two are already down in Petaluma grazing on the 'fat' of the land. 

Andi is so handsome with his rusty red coat and caramel mane. Bastian is a looker too... he tends to 'run away' so recently Jo divised a plan that appears to be working quite well. Bastian now has legal permission to break out and wander in the neighbor's field (the grass is greener- metaphorically speaking). It makes him feel so free and powerful. 

So... after getting the other 4 ponies 'secured' and fed- I have been wandering down the road to find Bastian and then egg him on to race me back 'home'. He always gets there first, of course, but the bowl of yummies awaits him... clever trick, that !

Ah yes, another beautiful day...

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