Sunday, April 10, 2011

Someone to Watch Over Me

We all need someone to watch over us... no matter what or who it is... its always a good feeling to know something or someone cares about us and our well being.

My friend, Rebecca, from KneeDeepOriginals put together this lovely Treasury on Etsy called...

curated by Rebecca of KneeDeepOriginals
Click HERE to view Treasury !

"It's all about love and faith,
it's all about caring,
it's all about looking out for each other...
human and non-human friends alike.
Just do it."

Rebecca is an inspired artist in & of many mediums, including song writing & music playing... here is an example in a new series of oil paintings that she has been listing in her Etsy shop, KneeDeepOriginals:

"Here's a colorful 8 x 8 oil painting to hang on your wall to remind you to dream big, to inspire others, and above all, to love.

Underneath the words is a close up of a flower in bright, cheerful colors. It's been painted on gallery-wrapped canvas with 3 /4 inch edges which allow the painting to wrap around. It will come wired on the back and ready for hanging. Signed on the bottom edge as well as on the back."

A continued thanks to Rebecca for featuring my handcrafts in her Treasury collections... in this case, one of Brizel's apple wood Brigid Crosses... which are spell crafted to protect home & house...

"Brigit Crosses are solar symbols, equal armed and stretching in four directions, which symbolically encourages the strength of the Sun through our front doors and into our homes. It is a talisman, usually hung above the inside of the front door or near the hearth, and it is believed to bring protection, blessing, fertility and prosperity into our households.

Brizel Brigit Crosses are a very unique adaptation of a Brigid Cross, made of apple wood which i grow and prune myself, and is perfect for your home or as a house warming blessing gift !

The wood is carefully sewn together with colored hemp string... purple in the center and an elemental/directional color for each of the arms of the cross. There is a loop at the back for it to hang from."

The apple trees were pruned over the winter & I have been creating this year's Brigid Crosses from last season's wood harvest. Each cross once created is completed with a special blessing prayer and then stored at the well house where Brigid's main altar resides. (If you wish, you can click HERE to view this year's photos of the altar)

Brizel Brigid Crosses are available ready made or if you so desire, custom made for you or a friend... in which case the blessing is made for a specific given street address. My blessing spell goes like this:

May this HOME be blessed this upcoming year

May this BOWER be blessed this upcoming year

May this DWELLING be blessed this upcoming year

May this HOUSE be blessed this upcoming year

May FIRE keep this home warm & dry

May WATER be ample & clean at this bower

May EARTH below this dwelling be solid & sturdy

May AIR around this house be gentle & clear

Brigit ABOVE this house keeps it safe

Brigit BELOW this house keeps it safe

Brigit ALL AROUND this house keeps it safe

This house is in the safe keeping of Brigit !

2011 Brigid Crosses are available at brizel4TheAnimals,
custom or ready made, these measure approx 7" x 7".
Click HERE to see these listings !

Last year's smaller Brigit Crosses,
measuring approx 6" x 6",
are still available at Brizel Handcrafts on ArtFire.
Click HERE to visit the listings !

Brigid Blessings to all


  1. Oooh, thanks Nicole for featuring my treasury here. Just want to let everyone who visits your blog know that I am blessed to own a Brigit cross which is hanging above my doorway, and it is quite special and meaningful to me! I encourage each person who reads this to visit your shop and purchase one... with your blessing attached to it.

  2. Lovely treasury and work by Rebecca. Yes, I too can attest to the beauty and magic of Nicole's Brigit crosses! xo, Lisa

  3. Wow - that is a gorgeous treasury! My beautiful Brigit cross hangs in our 'study' (actually my craft room!). & it's true - we do all need someone to watch over us ;-) Jx


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