Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Violets... purple yummy-ness

Okay so... i especially LOVE all shades of purple... i mean, what's not to like !

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of being included in the most DELiCiOUS Treasury featuring many shades of violets and OMG... i get happy just resting my eyes on these colors. See for yourself...

click HERE to visit this Treasury

Its such an honor to have one of my Silk Tapestry Boxes not only included but positioned in the number one slot... This means that the product image was visible in Etsy's main Treasury index list :)

"Brizel Handcrafts presents, Lucky Wolf, a small unique handmade decorative round Silk Tapestry Box, made of vegan banana silk yarn, perfect for storing a memory keepsake !

Lucky Wolf is a waycool fiber arts container, with a lid of its own, featuring handcrafted banana silk yarn in aqua blue, lavender and purple. It is embellished with a vintage button: a wolf head relief surrounded by a horseshoe motif and contoured by a luminescent blue gray rim."

I am thrilled to report that Lucky Wolf is in the process of relocating territories... from our California mountains to Texas where I hope he will be very happy. To keep him company... Abalone Turtle and Morning Owl will be traveling with him !

To check out my other animal theme
please visit brizel4TheAnimals
the menagerie awaits your inspection :)


ThreeSistersCandles is an Etsy shop which was created by three sisters who love to make candles and other lovely items together...

This is a gift set in the appropriate colors for today's feature (lol)... which includes:

1 - Lovespell scented bar of shea butter and glycerin exfoliating soap

1 - 4 oz. apothecary jar candle, lovespell scent

2 - 7x7 100% cotton wash cloths, 1 light purple and 1 pink and purple ombre

1 - 5x5 100% cotton face cloth pink and purple ombre

This Lovespell scented spa set is ideal for pampering yourself or... mother ?!

Visit this shop for other yummy sets and items !

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  1. An especially beautiful treasury, I agree, and so pleased to see one of my favorites from your shop featured!


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