Monday, October 4, 2010

Celebrating World Animal Day !

Today all over the world organizations, small & large, and individual people are celebrating & honoring animals. Its World Animal Day !

World Animal Day is an organization headquartered in the UK, whose mission is to spread the word about animals and to help motivate people internationally to create & do something special for animals on this day. You can visit their website HERE. I especially liked the slideshow that displays what people's activities/events are today and I also love their Mission Statement, which reads:

* To celebrate animal life in all its forms.

* To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom.

* To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play
in our lives –
from being our companions,
supporting and helping us,
to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives.

* To acknowledge and be thankful for the way
in which animals enrich our lives.


"Hi, my name is Nicole and I have now become a Treasury maker." LOL

It was only a matter of time really, since I actually have professional experience in curating gallery shows... but I had to wait until Etsy changed & upgraded their Treasury making system because how it used to be was pretty fanatical... kind of like camping outside your movie theater 48 hrs in advance in order to see a premier show or folks lining up 24 hrs ahead of time to get good seats at the Wimbledon tennis matches. As a teenager I remember making & selling sandwiches to people like that :)

Here is a Treasury curated by me with exquisite animal portraits created by EFA team members...


featuring 100% EFA members:

FeaturingAnimals, KneeDeepOriginals, oceloeyes,
carolscanvas, wildcatphotography, aktie9,
artbyakiko, JMcGuiness, urbanimal,
brownrose, TracyTeeter, PhotogenicGallery,
mvegan5, blindwolfspirit, SavageArtWorks

Team EFA (Etsy for Animals) is a group of more than 600 independent: artists, craftspeople, vintage & art/craft suppliers that combine their efforts to provide charitable relief to animals through their sales and donation contributions. Some of us work with animal rescues and adopt or foster them into our homes... then there are those brave souls who work and volunteer their time at animal shelters... or those who work tirelessly to raise funds for animal organizations... or those who sign petitions to protect the rights of our furry/feathered/scaly friends through animal advocacy work.

Never doubt for a moment that all of this makes a difference...

"EFA is a diverse group with a common bond - working to help animals. Here are some examples of that work: animal volunteer work, animal foster work, providing permanent home for animals, creating habitat for animals, fund raising for animals, animal advocacy work, donating to animal charities, participating in EFA's Charity of the Month, crafting for the benefit of animals."

If YOU love animals & have found a way to help them out in a tangible way- I tip my hat to you who walk that path: THANK YOU for all that you do to help the animals !

The artists featured in this Etsy Treasury have created some stunning images and animal portraits, please come visit this Treasury and if you like their style: check out their individual shops to see more of their work !


  1. Fantastic! I did know about this and what beautiful items to help animals!!

  2. Oops - I meant I did NOT know about this!

  3. Beautiful post about WAD and EFA! :0)

  4. Now this is a holiday I can really get into celebrating!!Thanks!

  5. Fantastic collection! If this is your first treasury, then I look forward to many more. Thanks for all your diligence in fostering an all inclusive atmosphere for all animal lovers to partake in! That's the best way promote!


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