Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finishing Up the Dome Cover Install...

Just a quick update about 
my progress with the 
dome cover installation

As you can see everything 
is now white and integrated

The dome cover was cut, glued 
and sealed over the entry plywood roof. 

It was a challenge because the vinyl 
cover was already creasing 
and not laying flat. At first, 
I thought it might be tension somewhere 
but even after waiting for 
several months for it to settle. 
It just seems to be one of the cons 
of this particular type of material. 

I didnt have those issues 
with the first cover, but it was canvas. 

Because water flows best 'over' things- 
the vinyl had to go 'on top' of 
the existing dome entry roof. 

Additional vinyl panels were added 
at the bottom end / nearer the edge. 

Like-wise with the sides... 
from the dome to the dome entry wall. 
The vinyl cover goes on top of the wall 
and then additional pieces were added 
to seal the top part of the wall. 

I'm actually very pleased 
with how it turned out and 
our first rain proved it to be a success 
in terms of water tightness.

Yay !


  1. You'd never know the entry wasn't part of what you bought - that's an amazing job you did. The corner part in the last photo must've been really tricky, but it looks 100% professional, and not only that, it works too! Congratulations - you're a woman of many talents!

  2. Beautiful looking place! At first I thought the dome had fiber glass or something but Vinyl is brilliant. Kudos to you Nicole!


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