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A new Brizel Tarot Amulet Pouch is born...

About Brizel Tarot Amulet Pouches...

Brizel Tarot Amulet Pouches are custom ordered four dimensional handcrafted bags made for tarot decks - with fabric, beads, and/or semi-precious stones and found objects. They are created specifically for individual customers and their particular deck. The artwork that unfolds is a unique and one-of-a-kind manifestation representing the relationship between the individual and their deck.

Once a custom order Brizel Tarot Amulet Pouch is commissioned & ordered- the work begins corresponding with specific moon phases. 

At New Moon... with a tarot card reading and with the creation of a conceptualized design. The conceptual work is only limited by the financial parameters given by the client. A Brizel Tarot Pouch can be limited to a one panel representation, or expand up to a three panel Amulet Pouch with embellished sides.

A paper template is made for each project

Materials can range from upholstery, plain cottons, velvets, silk and/or rayon fabrics; and from plain glass beads, metal tones, silver sterling, semi-precious stones, carved shell or bone. 

Email correspondence and consultation occurs soon after the conceptual design work, and with a written confirmation to begin the work from the client. Materials for the project are gathered in time for Full Moon, when the creation of the tarot pouch begins. 

Backside of new custom Tarot Amulet Pouch

Throughout the handcrafting process, this unique & original art piece is placed on Brigit’s altar for blessing & safekeeping.‘Brizel’ is an organic combination of Brigit’s name, the Celtic Triple Goddess, with my own chosen name: Hazel. Brigid is my muse and source of inspiration and all Brizel Handcrafts are created in Her honor & with Her blessing.

A new Brizel Tarot Amulet Pouch is born...

This Brizel Handcrafts' Tarot Amulet Pouch is based on the William Blake deck depicting an original & unique adaptation of The Sun and Prophecy tarot cards. Its creative timeline went something like this...

Card Reading 9/17- new moon
Meditation and intuitive design work 9/22- equinox
Locate materials- order as necessary
Discuss with client and began further creative work around 9/29- full moon
Craft template, cut fabric and make Amulet Tarot Pouch
Front Panel- The Sun created 10/4
Begin Prophecy & completed 10/8
Draw string bag made on 10/10
project completed - approx creation time: 16hrs √

Front of Brizel's custom Tarot Amulet Pouch
inspired by The William Blake Deck
A great deal of time was spent sketching out the design for the front of the pouch... creating a simplification of the river so that it appeared to flow both elegantly with dimension and have a shimmering quality was tricky. 

The fabric was cut several times before i got the pattern of the weave to portray this important path to The Sun 'just right'. It is edge stitched with a silky silver gray crazy quilting thread. 

Original adaptation of The Sun by Brizel Handcrafts

The image of the sun itself was to depict a sunrise- a dawn of possibilities... the sun that you see here is the top layer of 'the cake'. The first layer which is not visible has a bright yellow core and this top one a more golden one. It is, in fact, the front of the same fabric that I used for the river. I love that. This gold disc is edge stitched with a metallic gold crazy quilting thread.

Angels as the rays of sunshine

I was so darn excited to be able to manifest this wondrous vision that William Blake had for the rays of his sun... angels with wings alighting to the heavens. 

I found these 'ready made' angel beads which were not initially perfect with my vision. I wasnt looking for cute. Their bodies had skinny waists and fat feet and their wings were turned downward. Once I reversed both the wings and bodies- suddenly I got what I was looking for.

Behind the front flap of the Amulet Pouch
Behind the Sun is the fabric which is ultimately the lining for the pouch itself. This fabric was to be a celebration of the element of water as well as an abstract setting for the second panel. I found a multi blue hued fabric with a greenish gold patina to it which suited perfectly. 

Inside Panel of Brizel's custom Tarot Amulet Pouch
inspired by The William Blake Deck
Prophecy, 10 of Poetry

Prophecy is the second main card which needed to be represented on this special custom Brizel Tarot Amulet Pouch... This is where all the hard work went as I was choosing the upholstery fabric for the pouch itself. When searching for fabric - I literally scried its surface searching for a specific pattern.

Since the main embellishing focus was to be the double divine rings... I needed to depict an abstract watery abyss below it as well as the suggestion of a figure kneeling in prayer. 

Prophecy as granted by the Divine
That intention was granted and I was able to focus on the creation of the infinity symbol. In the spiritual tradition i was initiated in, Feri teaches that each circle represents one of the genders and its middle where it intersects becomes the creation of something that combines both genders. Each point along these double rings has a physical manifestation of a divinity.

I used an upholstery grade velvet / faux leather, edge stitched that with a dark cobalt silky thread and painted red eyes on its surface. Once again, I felt the angelic force in the Prophecy card was noteworthy and a relevant symbolism for this project so three carved bone faces were found for the circles. I glued shanks behind them in order to attach them to the Amulet Pouch.

Tarot Amulet Pouch with front flap open

Because Brizel's Tarot Amulet Pouches are works of art in their own right, it is best to safeguard them by keeping them in a bag of their own. Its a fabulous opportunity to keep other relevant items in it too (so long as they are not sharp, if so they can also be placed in a wee bag of their own).

This fabric came to my attention at the very beginning of the material gathering process on this project. It has the perfect colour palette - both watery blue with a greenish tone of gold that shows fire in the water. 

I also love those 'eyes' which travel up and down the fabric connecting earth and sky. So I jumped at the chance given to me to provide this custom Tarot Amulet Pouch a draw string bag of it own.

My holder bags usually are large enough for a reading cloth to go in them which I often wrap around the actual Tarot Amulet Pouch for further safe keeping. Sometimes I have another object, or journal, or mini book in them as well. 

And so... I am pleased to share with you the birth of this new magical creation. 

Thanks & gratitude to my patroness for obliging me in its craft making !



  1. Oh my gosh, Nicole. This is such a beautiful work of spirit, love, and art. It is stunning, amazing, breathtaking. The front of the pouch, the shimmering river... wow!! I love the 4th photo here. And I am so happy you shared the journey in making this so as to share its spiritual qualities as well as its beauty. I am awe-struck. I love the angels, and the story of how you made them work on the pouch. The addition of these, and the faces on the inner flap, is the creme de la creme. I like and admire all your art forms, but these amulet pouches are perhaps your best!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca !

      I actually LOVE making these custom Tarot Pouches... it combines many of my spiritual interests and passions- fabric & sewing is part of my heritage (my g-father was a taylor & the other g-father worked in various mediums). For me, Tarot is a serious spiritual transformational tool. I use this form of guidance ritually and regularly but not haphazardly or trivially so i have an immense reverance for that work.

      i appreciate your supportive enthusiasm- nothing would thrill me more than to create this Tarot Amulet Pouches on a regular basis. I am grateful that my client saw my Flickr portfolio (see right hand column) and asked if I would take on a commission. Lucky me !

  2. Beautiful - I love it! Really enjoyed reading and seeing the process of everything that went into creating this! Truly a work of art Nicole!

    1. I'm so delighted to have been able to create a Brizel Tarot Amulet Pouch so that i could share part of the process with you. tee hee.

      Thank you so much for the compliments !

  3. Absolutely stunning! The journey of creating such lovely pieces is indeed deeply spiritual. Thank you for sharing this with us,

  4. I am truly beside myself... wow! Thank you for sharing the process here.

    I think we all hope to see more of these pouches on your blog pages- and perhaps a pouch of our own as well!

    Thank you for sharing this story, and as Rebecca pointed out, the spiritual qualities as well. I love it!


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