Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Day is Earth Day...

Every Day is Earth Day...
Here at Twilight

Entry to Spiral Garden, Twilight 2012

The pears, quinces, and cherries are blooming... the figs and pawlonias are starting to leaf out... the white mulberry is starting to show berries... the purple irises are in full glory... the wisteria and lilac are about to burst out and the bees are doing their usual thing on the flowering rosemary. Life is... as it usually is at Twilight... event full in its kingdom of earth...

To celebrate the fact that other people are focusing on planet earth and her wellbeing today... I want to do something special on my blog & share something never seen before... a Brizel Silk Tapestry Art vase:

Ode to Brigit's Bees

As all my Silk Tapestry Art work- this vase is a freeform piece featuring a combination of silk sari yarn, made from disgarded silk sari factory loom warps, and banana silk yarn- a vegan yarn made from banana fibers.

The silver bees are vintage buttons and the fractal flower is a modern art glass button from the Czech republic. The ribbon was reclaimed & upcycled from gift wrapping left overs.

This vase is a ooak and was created for my altar...
I love how it worked out !

It measures about 6" tall

I still feel passionate about silk sari yarns & banana yarns
as well as vintage buttons and art glass buttons.
These materials have inspired and informed
Brizel's Silk Tapestry Art work since 2005
when silk sari yarns made their debut.

Happy Earth Day to all !


  1. Nicole! That is beautiful! How tall is it? Just gorgeous - so unique. And your photo of the entrance could be used in The Hobbit - a fantasy in real life!

  2. Such a beautiful home you have girl!!

    Your vase is so stunning! One of a kind indeed!

  3. You create such beauty in the world Nicole - thanks for sharing with us. I love your bee vase and I bet your garden is just full of faeries! Love you, Lisa


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