Sunday, April 1, 2012

Days of Old... Memories of Marymount

Days of Old...
Memories of Marymount
Class of 1981

Here we are in 1979
at our retreat in Crewe

... some of us were on the baking crew...

... and the results are in...
looks like it was a success !

I LOVE this photo... taken by Lisa...
a mirror reflection of her, Mr Weldon,
Raida, Felwa, Marina, Basma, Amina & Darrin

Here's Lisa in 1981 on our class trip...
we lived & operated a barge traveling
up the UK canals thru the countryside...

This was my first love affair with a hat
April 1981 - I was 16 !

June 1981
I just adore this one of
Sandy, Darrin, me, Basma, Midori & Lisa
This was our last day together as a class

June 1981
I'm all geared up with a backpack
posing between Darrin & Alba. Sandy & I
were gearing up to travel around Europe
with Helen on a Euro Rail pass.

Celebrating Days of Old...
Thanks to Marina for posting our Crewe photo
on Fb and to Sandy for plugging me back
into the sister-hood !

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