Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Winter Solstice Tree...

My Winter Solstice Tree

It features some very special handmade ornaments.

Yep, I know... my 'tree' is a snowman (or snow person to be more accurate). It's a cutie too (not usa handmade tho) BUT if you look more closely, you'll see some animals hanging from it. To be more precise... pet animals: as in dogs & cats !

They're customized to match each member of my pack !

There's Zippy Zip: our resident feline- a beautiful gray white kitty; then there's Dingo - a brindle canine with some Australian herding dog heritage; on the left is Merlin- a black German shepherd, rottie, lab mutt and then, his sister, Nimue - a golden white dog whose spirit vibed greyhound but in truth she was of German Shepherd / lab descent. She crossed over last year so maybe her ornament aught to have wings ?

Thanks to Patty for creating such wonders for my winter Solstice tree- LOVE them all ! Handmade by none other than etsy shop owner of CatCalls and DogBarks... stores which, as you might have guessed, specialize in feline and canine goodies.

Aren't they just darling with their little scarves ?!

So no snowmen or white Christmas here... in fact, we've had a very dry Autumn- hardly any rain & lots of wind... even the scarves haven't come out of their drawers.

Merry Christmas !


  1. Had to see your tree and was not disappointed - really lovely Nicole :>)

  2. Oh Nicole!!! They are adorable on your snow person! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So adorable!
    Adorable pack and adorable ornaments by Patty!!

    Hugs to all!


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