Monday, May 16, 2011

Keep on Chasing your Dreams until You Catch One !

Gratefully, I am regularly featured in Treasuries and Collections both on Etsy and ArtFire... here's one on Etsy that is particularly enchanting !

Keep on Chasing your Dreams until You Catch One
Curated by SoBeJeweled
Click HERE to visit Treasury !

"Don't be trapped in your own life.
Never stop chasing your dreams
or you'll never catch one."

Pegasus was featured in this lovely dreamy collection of Etsy goods...
"This magical creature is rearing to go... with his wings extended and his head tucked in... this golden beauty is about to take flight.

Pegasus sits atop the button in 'carved' relief, painted in gold tones contoured by a decorative rim. The background is marbled, slag glass, in tones of spring green, white & brown..."

THANKS for the feature SoBeJeweled...

"I was born and raised in North San Diego and without rubbing it in, the weather is always near perfect. I have loved vintage jewelry for over 20 years. It started with just one beautiful piece and then came the books, then the collecting, then the spare room becoming a warehouse and what my husband so sweetly refers to as my 'obsession'. "

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