Friday, December 17, 2010

Ode to Crow

Yesterday, I spent some time looking at handcrafts inspired by Crow and reading about her as an animal totem.

Crow is my animal totem of the south which according to Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson... "protects the child within and reminds one when to be humble and when to trust... so that innocence will be balanced".

Crow teaches us about Law... not human made rules but of natural spiritual Law. Crow is the keeper of written texts and is knowledgeable about the mysteries of creation. Crow lives in the void where all timelines are one- what was, is and will be. She is a shape shifter, a sacred observer and is an omen of change. The presence of Crow evokes a higher order of what's right and wrong... a calling for personal integrity to dictate our every action... to be impeccable to our word by speaking our truth and living by that standard. Crow brings about a spiritual strength that inspires one to know our life's mission and to honor it.

Here is the collection of products that were selected for my Crow Treasury...

click HERE to view Treasury

Fifty percent of these were created by members of my animal team, EFA, and all of them made by talented inspired artisans. Crow appears here in original paintings, watercolors, prints, clay sculptures & boxes, painted skulls, vinyl accessories, and folk art figurines. It is truly an eclectic array of handcrafts. Please click to visit this fabulous Treasury and from there one can visit the individual artisan shops.

I have many personal favorites in this collection... I have grown to love Akiko Watanabe's work: her store is filled with incredible animal art work... featured here is "Treasure Seeker #20" a bold Crow holding a moonstone pendant amidst a dreamy blue moonscape.

The Crow Antler Box by nancyadamsclayartist is a divine wheelthrown hand carved clay totem box with antler. It is quite simply put a breathtaking ceremonial urn !

The folk art figurine- Crow Medicine Spirit Protector by awesomeart is "Wrapped with cloth and fibers, adorned with feathers and a crow shield symbolic of protection, her sweet face was handcrafted with polymer clay, painted with acrylics, she carries a small shell symbolic of femininity. It is said that in many ancient traditions Crow Spirit is the guardian of magic and healing and that in any healing circles, Crow is present."


  1. So great to hear about Crow!!
    Such amazing artwork!!

  2. I enjoyed reading about crow and spirituality. I know crows are also very smart. Thanks for fearuring my Treasure Seeker!

  3. Such beautiful art ~ I love crows. Their babies take a long time to mature. I had to laugh at a mother crow on our front lawn one day with her offspring. The "baby" was almost as large as she, but refused to eat the apple chunks I put out for them on our front lawn himself. He insisted she peck off pieces for him and feed him. The mom kept trying to show him what to do but he just stood there crying and opening and closing his mouth. Finally, she got fed up and started to walk away. Baby crow quickly picked up an apple chunk and ran after her squawking and when she stopped and turned to him, he dropped the apple chunk at her feet and opened his mouth. I could almost hear her sigh as she resumed pecking off pieces of the apple and feeding him. Was so funny, but at the same time, her patience was very touching. Thanks for a wonderful post Nicole! xo, Lisa

  4. Crows are so interesting. Your choices for this treasury were superb!


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