Thursday, December 9, 2010

EFA TEAM TREASURY: Thanks to the Volunteers

Here is a special Etsy Treasury dedicated to EFA Team Volunteers...

This is a group of talented individuals who volunteer their time to Team EFA in a variety of online administrative tasks and writers who recently put together articles for EFA's blog. My own position with this Street Team is Co-secretary and Blog Administrator.

Thanks to all these folks for making my Etsy experience more pleasant & worthwhile !

Click HERE to visit Treasury !


These wonderful volunteers and blog contributors are the reason why I am still selling on Etsy.

brizel4TheAnimals, my Etsy store, combines both supplies (novelty fabrics & organic items from the land) with Brizel's unique animal theme Silk Tapestry Boxes... whilst my main supply studio: Brizel Supplies which sells sewing buttons & handwoven sashes and Brizel Handcrafts' studio which is the center of all my silk wares & tagua nut jewelry are located on

Brizel Handcrafts presents, Howling Wolf, a handmade decorative mini Silk Tapestry box, made of handcrafted silk sari yarns, a unique & eco-friendly keepsake !

Howling Wolf is a soft gentle fiber arts container featuring on its lid a pale yellow silk moon surrounded by the deepest midnight blue silk sari yarn. The box itself is made from the same dark blue paired up with a dark black silk sari yarn.

The lid has been further embellished with a silver toned howling wolf. Can you hear her song and call to the wild ones ?

This gorgeous Silk Tapestry Box measures approx: 3 1/4" in diameter x 2 1/4" high with an interior box of 2 1/4" in diameter x 2 1/4" high.

Howling Wolf will be gift wrapped and ships out via USPS First class mail (priority mail on request). This item is available for purchase at the brizel4TheAnimals store - click HERE !

To view the full collection of animal theme boxes, please click here, and to see other silk tapestry boxes and silkworks, please visit the Brizel Handcrafts ArtFire Studio here.

Currently offering FREE SHiPPiNG
on all my handcrafts through December 12th !

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  1. Nicole, this is one of my favorites of all your treasuries. Our heartfelt thanks for all you've done for us and the animals. If you received even just a dollar for every time you've helped the team, you would be a rich woman. Our lives are richer because of you. Lots of love, Lisa and Sky


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