Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nimue Day 2015

Nimue Day 2015

It was time to tidy up and reconfigure Nimue's grave. The butterfly bushes that were planted there five years ago at the memorial ceremony are now all grown up... knocking the original stonework down but thankfully I had been able to safeguard the statue & had actually moved it away a couple years ago. Yesterday I reorganized the space. I was able to keep the base of the rocks in place and moved the rest of them to the fencing line. The naturally shaped heart rock was placed at the center as well as a hand painted paw print stone marker. The prayer hoop which still has the original prayer ties from the memorial ceremony was laid down to surround the entire circle and the canine statue was relocated nearby after I pruned the shrubs.

A decorative metal plant stake which had rusted was roughly repainted to emulate a wildflower that appears at this time of year- I call them Nimue's flowers. I had'nt realized that the actual stake was still at the base of the largest butterfly bush... it was reshaped & incorporated into the shrub as its trunk expanded in size so I attached its flower top to the fencing nearby.

I am pleased with how all of this unfolded... throughout the day too as I had not pre-planned the work… It all turned out far better than I thought it would. Nimue is very much remembered and still missed. She was my daughter.


  1. I can't believe it's been five years. We still have the white bag/ card and ribbons from her ceremony on Jen's shelf. We've said a prayer for her -- and for you.

    1. Time is a weird thing - i'm not sure if it feels like five years or whether more like 3 or 4 years. Dingo has been gone longer than 1 year and Merlin already 6 months. I think missing someone I love feels endless and eternal… all that time does is make the grief more manageable but its still there. Thanks for all your loving support, Laura <3

  2. It looks so pretty and peaceful, Nicole. What a joyful reunion there will be some day. Hugs to you.


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