Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Grass Hopper

The Grass Hopper
Etteam, EFA, and new guests

This Treasury 
has a story behind it…

This morning as I was looking to see where the visiting kitchen praying mantis was... Merlin made a little squeal. I looked down expecting it to be on him but instead saw a bright green grasshopper sitting on his 'bump'. I could have sworn that I had put that hopper outside a few days ago but... here s/he was... sitting on Merlin's tumor. I smiled and gathered it up and took her/him outside to the nearest flower bed. 

What does Grasshopper signify ? I thought. 

Well... according to Ted Andrews 'Animal Speak' book Grasshopper's keynote is Uncanny Leaps Forward. "For those with this totem, it is important to get off the haunches and move. Take a chance, take a leap forward... Those with this totem will usually find that things dont move... the way they do for others... Progress is not usually made step by step... (so) Do not become discouraged... when grasshopper shows up, there is about to be a new leap forward…"

This was encouraging because Merlin had spent two days pretty much lying around and not choosing to go outside much. Yes it was hot but he had strained himself on his already limping leg taking a 'constitutional' walk thru the orchards. We needed not to feel discouraged. and we wanted a little 'leap forward' albeit with limp. So on this day we had also started on a diff. homeopathic remedy (Lycopodium) and by evening Merlin was sitting outside and the next morning- he did walk down to the dome.

Wise Grasshopper !

As a relevant aside- Praying Mantis signifies 'stillness' and the next morning found Spider sucking on its wrapped up body on the ceiling...

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