Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Imbolc and the time of Brigit...


  1. Beautiful images! I love the colors of your walls... and your landscape! And Dingo's gravesite is simply perfect... the circle symbolizing completeness and wholeness, and the plants which offer new growth and hope. Thanks for sharing a part of your world and your weekend.

  2. Wonderful post Nicole. Everything looks so cared for and loved. Dingo's resting spot looks peaceful and her memorial card is beautifully done. Brigid's alter is welcoming and warm. And that Mr. Merlin is such a handsome gentleman, isn't he. I have to say, those are the most gorgeous sage smudges I've ever seen. Really enjoyed - thanks!

  3. Beautiful Imbolc blessings to you.
    And thank you for sharing these lovely images with us.


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