Friday, January 4, 2013

An Urgent Letter to the AVMA...

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is attempting to rush through their back door an anti-homeopathy initiative which they plan to vote on at their next meeting tomorrow. The resolution is based on an anonymous report submitted to the AVMA which agenda is to seriously discourage the use of homeopathy in veterinary medicine in the USA. 

Dr Becker from interviewed Dr Jean Hofve and got the full scoop on this situation- click HERE to read all about it. Advocates are being encouraged to write to the AVMA today with their opinions and concerns about AVMA's intention to undermine the practice of homeopathy throughout their membership. Here's what I wrote to them...


I am a pet owner and long time user of homeopathic medicine. I grew up in various countries within Europe where Homeopathy is regarded as a complimentary means of treating illness as well as providing support for healthful lifestyle and living.

I am an animal advocate and work with rescues & high needs companion animals. They rely on homeopathic remedies as well as other alternative (sometimes alopathic therapies) to help them heal from their physical issues. I can assure you that they cannot and will never do without homeopathy.

My 20 yr old canine Dingo, for example, struggles with IBS and the alopathic treatments have not been helpful and in fact, exacerbate her situation greatly. However, Homeopathy, as well as herbal & other natural based supplements do keep her in check and I witness the positive results of it on a day to day basis. Her alopathic vet supports me in continuing with my alternative care because Dingo has responded favorably AND IT HAS WORKED ! Dingo deserves the best that I can give her and in this case, wholesome nutrition and homeopathic care.

I can assure you that I would not continue to support my vet if doctor took on any other attitude regarding the usefulness of alternative therapies and medicine such as homeopathy.

What the AVMA is attempting to do this Saturday is unethical as well as unwarranted. The anonymously written paper called "The Case Against Homeopathy" is a completely biased and ignorant account attempting to discredit homeopathy in a very unprofessional manner. I am aghast that your association would try to pan-handle thru the backdoor a vote based on a document that has no professional name behind it, let alone no real facts to back up its claim. Homeopathy is a legacy that has lived longer than traditional medicine and the AVMA would be foolish to attempt to discredit it in any manner. Do you seriously think your anonymous writter(s) know more about homeopathy than its long standing reputation in the medical field in the UK or France, for instance ?

Your anti-homeopathy campaign reminds me of what the American Medical Association attempted to do with chiropractic medicine a couple of decades ago- a very ugly battle that ended up in court with the AMA loosing their credibility. Should the AVMA decide to actually put a vote and proceed any further with this 'witch hunt'... to the point of putting professional pressure on their veterinary clients... I can assure you that my voice will not remain so quiet and that i will go out of my way to support only holistic vets from hence forth.

I therefore respectfully ask that you allow your clients, who are after all well educated vets, their freedom of choice...
Doctors, clients and patients all working together, not against each other. There IS room for a variety of healing modalities so I suggest you wisely step down from your current plans to discredit Homeopathy at your association meeting tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration...


  1. Hi Nicole, great photo of, is it Dingo? It could be just me, but I cannot see any letter to AVMA. I see the blog entry and photo, but not the letter.

    Anyway, I have heard of your homeo-success... And now can see it too! Dingo looks amazing-18-19 years???


    1. I'm not sure why you cant see it ! Is it because its white lettering but its against the violet background so it should be visible. I hope no one else has that issue :>(

    2. Ahh.. probably my mobile version. Still, the awareness you brought to the issue hit its mark. Thank you. -D


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