Friday, November 30, 2012

Brizel's Operation Chew Toys ship out to Sandy Shores

Operation Chew Toys 
Ship out to Sandy Shores

Last week, I found out from Poisoned Pets and Truth About Pet Food as they were spreading the good word about a pet food drive that was taking place to benefit Sandy victims within the New York and New Jersey areas... that sheltered animals were restless due to being cooped up for long periods of time in shelters. 

A suggested solution was to get some toys over to these critters asap in order to keep them entertained during these times of trouble.

Always inspired by a desire to make animals happier... as Captain of Team EFA- I suddenly spearheaded a pet toy drive within the Etsy for Animals membership which I dubbed Operation Chew Toys !

Rebecca of KneeDeepOriginals
created this card for our project

Fifteen members of our group jumped in to help: from researching what shelters were the neediest... to designing a card that could be included with our donations... to collecting money to buy handmade toys on Etsy... to actually making the toys themselves.

I had reclaimed a huge bagful of remnant fleece scraps from a clothing manufacturer some years ago... so I happily set about to cut strips upon strips of fleece fabric in order to create braided toys.

Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals
worked with reclaimed fleece fabrics and
produced 42 braided tugs in various colors / sizes

Made small to largeboth straight and looped, and in numerous color combinations: a total of 42 were created. Interestingly enough, forty two happens to be the "Answer to Life, the Universe & Everything" according to Douglass Adams. 

Thirty were shipped out to the NYC animal care facility in Staten Island and twelve to the Emergency Vet Center there as they have been diligently making pet food distributions to those in need in this hard hit area.

The bulk of these went out to
NYC Animal Care & Control
of Staten Island

Both my packages were shipped out on Tuesday Nov 27th and according to the tracking- were delivered yesterday and today. 

Woohoo !!! 

All told... Team EFA's Operation Chew Toys successfully sent out over 360 pet toys- for feline & canine, to three different locations including the Humane Society in Newark, NJ. To see what other team members created- click HERE.

It is our sincere hope that these toys will be distributed to those needy sheltered dogs and cats at the earliest opportunity. 

It is also my hope that their owners and other charitable people will find it in their hearts to adopt a sheltered animal in need of a home.



  1. Such a wonderful news! Glad that it was a success and I'd bet the dogs and cats are happily entertained.

  2. Wow, what a difference a toy makes. I imagine there are pet owners waiting to bring their family members home and can't even get a toy to them to enjoy while they wait. Sweet!

  3. Hats off to all of you for caring to make a difference!


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